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No turning upside down in the playground if you are wearing a dress unless you put your PE shorts on underneath

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DarthVader Mon 23-Jun-08 18:08:56

My primary school has created a new rule that girls may not be upside down in the playground as their knickers will be on display. It is OK if they wear trousers or put on shorts under their skirts/ dresses.

I am v unhappy about the message this gives out to the girls & it reminds me of the Victorians covering up piano legs...

What should I do?

TheFallenMadonna Mon 23-Jun-08 18:12:11

Ah. It seems to be an epidemic. Several other threads on this.


savoycabbage Mon 23-Jun-08 18:12:43

I would go MAD if this happened to me! There is no way I want my dd to think that there is something 'wrong' about somebody seeing her knickers in this situation.

I would not let her walk down the street holding up her skirt but I think that it is utter madness.

BetteNoire Mon 23-Jun-08 18:13:39

FGS - this is ridiculous. sad

Amphibimum Mon 23-Jun-08 18:14:02

what is supposed to happen if people see little girls' knickers?


OverMyDeadBody Mon 23-Jun-08 18:14:39

Oh good. Let's teach all our little girls that there is something wrong or bad about showing their knickers in the course of normal play.

What exactly is their logic behind this?

FluffyMummy123 Mon 23-Jun-08 18:15:01

Message withdrawn

mummydoc Mon 23-Jun-08 18:15:04

oh fgs how ridiculous, who are the school worried about, surely all staff have had crb checks and the other children all have knickers or pants on - this is where i thank god my 2 go to a private school and do not get caught up in pc gone mad, it makes it worht every penny

DarthVader Mon 23-Jun-08 18:28:10

I am livid about the messages this sends out to girls, glad to see I am not on my own on thinking this is devoid of commonsense. I am composing an email to the head to ask for full details of the rule, whether it is an LEA thing or what is behind it exactly.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions on what I can do to get the rule chucked could be your school next!

NigellaTheOriginal Mon 23-Jun-08 18:31:56

Take it up with the governors.

misdee Mon 23-Jun-08 18:33:12


if dd's school bring this in i wil lbe encouraging to do a mass cartwheel session on the field.

DarthVader Mon 23-Jun-08 18:34:46

I find it inconsistent in that bikinis are allowed for school swimming lessons in a public pool - shorts do not yet need to be worn on top.

MrsSprat Mon 23-Jun-08 18:38:05

In my day, we had to wear navy gym-knickers under clothes for any sort of outdoor hi-jinkery. I'm only 34. I think it's a bit more seemly than Mickey Mouse thong tbh

hana Mon 23-Jun-08 18:42:21

dd1 came home from school telling me this as well - it's rude to show my knickers when I do cartwheels. Not sure what I'm going to do though - have told her it's a very silly rule and it's not rude at all

DarthVader Mon 23-Jun-08 18:43:47

Well even I would find it inappropriate to turn upside down wearing no knickers, and I would be suprised if any of the primary schoolers are wearing thongs! Most wear knickers in the style of boy shorts which have similar coverage to shorts anyhow.

Any child or parent who has concerns has always been free to wear trousers or avoid upside -down- ness so it all seems prudish in the extreme to me.

DarthVader Mon 23-Jun-08 18:44:44

hana my dd will be punished if she breaks the rule sad

MrsSprat Mon 23-Jun-08 18:48:30

The style du jour when I was at primary school was boaksome pee-stained nylon disney-promoting hi-legs (admittedly not thongs), so the censorship was a mercy.

DarthVader Mon 23-Jun-08 18:51:41

yes hopefully nylon kids pants have been consigned to history

edam Mon 23-Jun-08 18:53:35

Blimey, Darth, seems to be an epidemic of this atm. DO challenge it and ask how making girls think cartwheeling is somehow dirty is consistent with encouraging children to be fit and active? Let alone the very unhealthy attitudes to girls.

DarthVader Mon 23-Jun-08 18:56:46

edam I agree with the points you make
I find this rule disturbing on many levels

have emailed the head for full details

clam Mon 23-Jun-08 20:35:42

OK..... here goes. If you went to a class assembly (upper KS2, for instance) and all the girls in the front row were sitting on a bench with their legs wide apart, would you expect the teacher to have suggested they put their knees together?
<runs for cover>

anneme Mon 23-Jun-08 20:55:17

I do remember a classic moment when our whole class was sitting outside having a history lesson with a male teacher. Our (rather bonkers) biology teacher walked past and asked him if he would let her have a word with us. She turned to us and boomed "GIRLS you are showing your FANNIES". You have never seen 25 pairs of knees snap shut so quickly.
Admittedly this was not in this country and things were stricter there but even so....
So my answer to clam is...sometimes yes!!

Moomin Mon 23-Jun-08 21:02:19

Yes clam I would say that it's better to keep knees togther - because of you sit or stand opposite for the duration of an assembly/class then you'll get an eyeful, BUT if they are turning cartwheels on the field, surely that's something different? Legs aren't wide apart for any length time... or am I missing something? It's ridiculous

FrannyandZooey Mon 23-Jun-08 21:05:46

I still remember my mother telling me rather harshly to "shut your legs you are showing everything" when I was sitting watching tv in my nightie

I felt rather as if I had been slapped, I had just been sitting there relaxing

it's not ok to make young girls feel their pants or private parts are not ok to be viewed

I mean sure explain about provacy but this is entirely different

anneme Mon 23-Jun-08 21:12:17

btw - I do think that it is ridiculous to make this rule about cartwheels etc - that MAKES it an issue when it shouldn't be

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