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After school club - how much does yours cost?

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DarthVader Sun 08-Jun-08 19:17:30

Ours is £8 for any length of time until 6pm but the charge is due to rise in September.

I think it is a lot - how does this compare with yours?

TheCheeseAlarm Sun 08-Jun-08 19:28:48

£2 until 5pm or £5 until 6pm.

DarthVader Sun 08-Jun-08 19:29:55

blimey that is far cheaper - is that for a primary school?

Collision Sun 08-Jun-08 19:30:06

£3.50 til 4.30pm

£5 til 6pm.

Collision Sun 08-Jun-08 19:30:54

mine is primary.

£2.50 for breakfast club - 8-9am

heronsfly Sun 08-Jun-08 19:32:01

£1.50 from 3 till 4.15,but thats the latest it runs.

yorkshirepudding Sun 08-Jun-08 19:33:15

Message withdrawn

keevamum Sun 08-Jun-08 19:33:31

ours is £12.00!!!!! I think they think we are made of money here but I'm not!

NormaStanleyFletcher Sun 08-Jun-08 19:34:54

£5 flat fee, closes at 5.30

Wish it was 'til 6

DarthVader Sun 08-Jun-08 19:35:08

Ok so for care until 5pm the range is £2 to £12

How can it vary so much?

DarthVader Sun 08-Jun-08 19:35:48

Our breakfast club is £3.50

findtheriver Sun 08-Jun-08 19:36:19

£8 up until 6 pm to look after your precious child? A bargain!

DarthVader Sun 08-Jun-08 19:37:52

£8 until 5pm is £40 a week from your earnings, that is a lot of money to find imo

KatyMac Sun 08-Jun-08 19:37:58

It varies so much for a variety of reasons, some of which are:
1) subsidised by the school/PTA/LEA
2) run by volunteers
3) started with a surestart grant which normally lasts 3/5 years before they have to sustainable (at which point 75% close tbh)
4) run at a loss with fund raising to cover costs

DarthVader Sun 08-Jun-08 19:40:16

oh that is v interesting, thank you KatyMac

TheCheeseAlarm Sun 08-Jun-08 19:41:03

Yes, that's Primary. Our breakfast club is 50p.

findtheriver Sun 08-Jun-08 19:44:39

Think about staffing costs... staffing ratios... recruitment costs.... hire of I think £8 is a damn good deal.

KatyMac Sun 08-Jun-08 19:44:44

Work out the costs

Minimum wage is £5.52 minimum staffing is 2 (1 adult to 8 children - but there must always be 2 staff on duty) plus holiday/sickness/maternity etc/NI usually an extra 20% of the wage costs

NVQ qualified staff get more (lots more)

Rent (maybe/maybe not) rates/elec/water


Remember if it is a drop it it will cost more than a book termly sort

DarthVader Sun 08-Jun-08 19:46:26

£8 is hardly a good deal compared to £2, that is my point!

findtheriver Sun 08-Jun-08 19:50:03

X posts there Katy!!
I haven't run a childcare facility, but have used CM/Day nursery/ and then was involved in setting up an after school club at Primary when my kids were younger. (Out of desperation as no other child care available!!). My biggest gripe was the parents who complained that the cost was too high. The club never made a profit - it struggled to cover costs. This was a few years ago (I've since moved) and I gather the club has now closed.I take my hat off to anyone setting up or running such facilities. It's a hell of a lot of work.

rosealbie Sun 08-Jun-08 19:51:32

Ours was £6 until 6pm and has just increased to £6.30

DoubleBluff Sun 08-Jun-08 19:51:42

God i wish my school did an after school club!

bozza Sun 08-Jun-08 19:55:03

We don't have one but I pay my childminder £6 until 5.30. When I used to pay for until 6 it was £7.50 (ie £3/hour). I also pay £3 for the morning hour. So currently £9/day.

pinkteddy Sun 08-Jun-08 19:55:20

As Katy says some schools subsidise them - eg: don't charge rental, provide free staffing etc, some of them obtained grant monies to start them off (which will eventually run out). Also some provide snacks or a hot meal which increases costs - some don't provide any refreshments, kids have to bring it.

KatyMac Sun 08-Jun-08 19:55:38

The £2 will either close or is running subsidised

2 members of staff at minimum wages cost about £45 a night (including on costs)

so at 16 children (for 2 staff) there is a loss of £13 a night

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