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I don't want to go to schoooooooooool!!!!!!!!

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PasstheGin Mon 17-Jan-05 11:32:29

Any advice pleeeeeease???? DS has started school full time this term and it has just sunk in that he has absolutely no control over the fact that he has to go every day. For ever.
I am forcibly dressing him and dragging him to school every morning (this morning he managed to wrap his free arm around any object in sight to stop the journey) and he screamed all the way there. He's at school with great friends and loves his teachers but just cannot bear the idea of being away from home (quite a compliment when he seems to moan all the time he IS here) esp. while his baby sister gets to stay at home. He isn't unhappy at school per se it's just the concept of having to be there every day that's killing him - I can't believe it but I've even told him he's lucky he's not at a boarding school and that if he doesn't go to school them Mummy will go to jail (it might be quieter there I suppose!?) .... any ideas gratefully received....

singsong Tue 18-Jan-05 14:54:48


aloha Tue 18-Jan-05 14:58:43

Don't know what to say really. It sounds horrible. I hated school too from day one, but I did OK. Can you focus him on the weekend/half term/after school treats so that school doesn't seem quite so interminable and dominate his life so much? I also think it's good to say, "I know, I expect you don't want to go and you'd rather stay at home and you feel sad at being away in the day" so he feels listened to.I loved home too and now work from home and love that.

edam Tue 18-Jan-05 15:01:47

Sympathise with both of you. Often feel that way myself (about work, obviously).

babster Tue 18-Jan-05 15:12:05

Dd1 started Reception in September and is exactly the same. Last term I helped out in the class a few times, which was helpful (for me too as I got to see what goes on in the class, which seems huge after nursery). Being very matter of fact and acknowledging her feelings, as Aloha suggests, works pretty well... but it is upsetting and a draining way to start the day so I do send hugs and sympathies. Am often tempted to say, 'Oh well love, only another 12 years to go'

PasstheGin Sat 22-Jan-05 01:20:40

Thanks guys - things seem to be improving (although I'm typing this whilst being screamed at from upstairs) as we did a couple of things after school this week ..... as you say. Only 12 more years!

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