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assumpta Sun 16-Jan-05 18:50:56

Can anyone tell me of a web site with numeracy problems suitable for 7 year olds. I need to get back to basics with my dd's maths skills, which at the moment are awful. We have been doing Kumon Maths for the last 8 months.She is still not remembering any of the answers and is after all this time still adding on 4 and 5's.If anyone out there does Kumon, is it normal that after all this time she still does not understand that if 10 + 4 = 14 and 10+6=16 that 10+8=18. Again today she answered several times that 2+2=8, please help. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for banging on but...

starlover Sun 16-Jan-05 21:32:16

are these any use?

bbc numeracy

primary resrources

assumpta Wed 19-Jan-05 23:38:50

Thank you Starlover. I have printed some out just now and will see how we get on tomorrow evening. I just find it all so stressful trying to explain maths. If I had the skills to be a teacher, I would be one, but I don't, so everyone ends up suffering. It really is wearing me down and our relationship, for goodness sake she is only 7, but I worry that if she doesn't get the basics now, she will keep falling back so much that she will never catch up. I feel that I can't do right for doing wrong.

cazzybabs Wed 19-Jan-05 23:53:34

Have you tried doing lots of practical maths and drawing pictures... there is no shame in using objects and fingers to gain confidence. What does her school suggest - have you asked the teacher? Have you tried putting the sums into problems and fitting them into your normal life rather than having a specific "maths time".

I'll have a think if I can think of other things (I am a primary school teacher BTW) but I am sure other people will have some suggestions. Hope these are helpful BTW????

MistressMary Wed 19-Jan-05 23:58:02

Can I admit my maths is very vey poor indeed, so any link are very welcome here.

assumpta Thu 20-Jan-05 09:47:28

crazybabs, I try and slot it into lots of things, but as soon as she hears a number she goes "oh no, not numeracy". Her teacher has been really good, we do an extra home/school diary on what they have been working on that week. The only thing is that it takes about 2 weeks to expain and practice everything, and then she forgets it all so quickly, that we are back to square one the next time it turns up. The problem is, I think, that she has not realised that numbers are all just a pattern, and try as I may I just do not know how to show or explain this to her. If you had any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

MistressMary Thu 20-Jan-05 21:10:35

Are there any adult sites for people that have very poor numeracy skills?
Or any online courses available etc.

assumpta Thu 20-Jan-05 22:23:25

Sorry MistressMary, I don't even know the children's sites, but maybe someone else does

MistressMary Fri 21-Jan-05 15:07:53

Anyone please,advice or anything?

LIZS Fri 21-Jan-05 15:14:05

MM, is this site any good as a starting point ? Looks like you can take individual tutorials to contribute towards a certificate.

MistressMary Fri 21-Jan-05 15:18:33

Thank you , hope I can get to grips with it.

justmummy Sat 22-Jan-05 21:33:09

Hi my ds is 7 and we use a web site that was recommended by his school. It is

Lots of fun maths games to get the basics into their heads. He likes using the 100 grid that's used in the games give the dog a bone and splat square. It's given him a good idea of where each number comes in relation to all the others.

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