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Reassurance needed re: DS pre-school

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kid Sun 16-Jan-05 09:19:38

I started sending DS (2.9) to a pre-school in December. He really enjoyed it to begin with but recently has twice came home telling me a big boy scared him. I'm not so bothered about that as it seems the big boy (another child that goes there) scared DS with a toy crocodile. But I'm not happy that DS has twice came home with a bruise on his cheek just under his eye!
The pre-school have not mentioned to me that he had an accident. I know DS is very active but still feel they should have noticed if he had injured himself.
I don't feel entirely comfortable about sending him, the lady in charge is not very child friendly. When I collect him she doesn't even say bye or anything, she just seems very unfriendly. The only time she actually talks to me is when she asks for the weekly fees! DS will be going full-time nursery in September, but I guess I just need to hear I am doing the right thing by stopping the pre-school.

KBear Sun 16-Jan-05 10:04:52

morning' kid! Sorry to hear your darling boy got hurt!!

I think if you have doubts about the lady in charge you've said it all. Try and find him another pre-school or wait for nursery. At my DS's pre-school the "teachers" are lovely, I feel totally at ease with their observation of the children and they are scanning the room all the time for "incidents". They are paid to look after your child and after two bruises that haven't been mentioned I would assume that they weren't.

mrsflowerpot Sun 16-Jan-05 10:23:55

With things like this I think you have to go with your gut feeling. If you're not comfortable with the pre-school leader, then follow your instincts. Whatever the other adults there are like individually, she's the one who will set the tone for the whole place. Is there another pre-school you could try out if he's been enjoying it up to now?

kid Sun 16-Jan-05 10:38:24

There aren't any other pre-schools that have vacancies at the moment but I can take him to a 1 o'clock club, swimming, farm and pottery om my days off so he won't get too bored after being used to pre-school. I thought I should go with my gut instinct too, I's never forgive myself if anything did happen to him there so thats settled then, just got to get my mum to phone them tomorrow to say he won't be coming back don't want to phone myself, besides, I'll be at work!

Twiglett Sun 16-Jan-05 10:42:44

DS came home with a bruise under his eye from pre-school on Friday (he's 3 and 3/4)

He said he fell over

I asked if he cried

He said 'No, I'm a brave boy'

maybe your DS didn't cry so they didn't notice?

Casmie Sun 16-Jan-05 10:47:52

My ds is a bit older than yours, kid (3yrs 8mths) but he's very much like Twiglett's little boy - just gets up and keeps going. He might mention he fell over a little later in the day (usually with an over-zealous demonstration of how he threw himself to the ground). Other days he'd get a slight tap and cry as if he was mortally wounded.

However, he does occasionally tell me that J (his favourite nursery worker) gave him a cuddle because he was missing me or because he'd hurt himself, and I have seen the accident book for other accidents, so I'm fairly certain the nursery is very good when they know about it, so am not too worried. What's your gut feeling - have you been shown the accident for other incidents? What about their care for other occasions when your ds might not be on top form?

Casmie Sun 16-Jan-05 10:48:28

that should be have you been shown the accident BOOK for other incidents!!

kid Mon 17-Jan-05 07:08:49

Ds is meant to be going to pre-school this afternoon and we have decided definately not to send him anymore. But why do I feel so guilty? If I send him, I feel uneasy about leaving him there, but if I don't send him, I feel bad that he is just sitting at home all day. I'm working today and tomorrow, but I will take him somewhere nice on Wednesday. I know he is not going to be happy about not going pre-school, I haven't mentioned anything to him yet. I think I will just tell him they are shut and take it from there. I'm just concerned its the wrong decision. Well after 9:30am, it will be too late because my mum should have phoned them to let them know!

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