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August birthdays starting school too early?

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Pastarito Sat 15-Jan-05 11:39:14

Does anyone know if you are allowed to hold a child back by a school year if you feel they are too young to start?

My ds2 is an August birthday, and although he has no developmental delays, his speech is not too good. He will be 3 in August and is supposed to go into our school nursery. Whilst I am not too worried about this, I am a bit concerned about his starting school in reception year. My ds1, who was always quite advanced academically, is struggling in Yr1 (to my surprise!). What on earth is it going to be like for ds2!

I would feel happier if I knew that I could keep ds2 back by a school year if I needed to when the time comes.

I had heard that all you can do in the UK is keep them in nursery until the term of their 5th birthday - but then they still have to go into Yr1 the following September (so effectively missing out 2 terms of reception year).

Does anybody know of a way round this?

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