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Schools in Bersden?? All opinions please

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Leeeza Fri 02-May-08 20:04:40

Looking at buying a house in Bearsden, Glasgow which is a 5 min walk from Westerton Train Station. My son will be starting school in a couple of years and I'm wondering if the schools would be ok for him. I 'd hoped he would be able to go to Bearsden Primary/Academy but the street isnt on their catchment list. Anyone know if they ever take anyone on from somewhere other than their catchment list or would they be already full up by just covering cathcment area?
Also,, my local primary schools would be Colquhoun Primary or Westerton Primary? Anyone know anything about them?


LieselBollyKnickers Fri 08-Aug-08 20:45:15

i do. dont know if youre still about

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