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Anyone with kids at KS2 this may be of interest...

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unicorn Mon 10-Jan-05 17:41:13

cheap books

Looks quite a good deal to me, as DK books are usually very good.

roisin Mon 10-Jan-05 18:23:09

It is a good set unicorn, but I wouldn't encourage anyone to join BfC. I got our set of these from The Book People recently.

Personally I've had bad experiences with BFC - they seem to have a limited range of titles, and once your initial offer is over they are more expensive than other 'clubs'. You are also tied into a commitment to buy a certain number of books, and I've been disappointed with their service

unicorn Mon 10-Jan-05 18:58:07

eek... got carried away with the cheapness of it all...
oh dear, hope I can get out of it somehow...
teach me to not read all the small print!

Yurtgirl Mon 10-Jan-05 19:50:35

Message withdrawn

rosielee Tue 11-Jan-05 17:41:38

Bfc were recently exposed on a Radio 4 programme, probably You and Yours, I can't remember. They said poor customer service was a temporary blip (tho there were plenty of unhappy customers saying otherwise)so if you can't get out of the deal, just intimate you might contact Radio 4 whenever you have a problem. The advice given in the programme was, I think, to keep careful records of all correspondence - trouble is, for me that was part of the problem when I was a member - just too much paperwork to keep up with.

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