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please help - ds left out 2 questions in 11+

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rosielee Mon 10-Jan-05 04:37:33

I'm in a complete state because ds came home from the entrance exam for a school which would suit him brilliantly saying that he didn't notice, until he handed in the papers, that there were 2 more comprehension questions (out of 7) on the back of the English paper.

There were 3 papers, and the English paper also consisted of an essay, which he completed, as well as the comprehension.

Is there any point ringing the school? Entry is so competitive that this may well be enough to destroy his chances. I'm at my wits' end - any help much appreciated! He himself set his heart on this school ages ago, so it's not just us, although for his sake we're playing things down of course.

hopefulmover Mon 10-Jan-05 05:26:52

rather doubt it - but its not unusual for children not to finish an examination and they may not have been very long questions. The questions may not all have had equal weight. Why not talk to his current school and see what they think?

HappyNewCardigan Mon 10-Jan-05 08:47:15

I'd contact the school in writing - they must have seen this before. Does the school base entrance on this exam or is there an interview or school reports - draw their attention to these facts if poss.

unicorn Mon 10-Jan-05 08:57:17

poor you
I'd say it's definately worth a letter, or phone them and explain.

If it is any consolation at all I managed to turn over 2 pages together in my geography O level(Showing my age here) and missed about 4 questions... yet somehow came out with a grade A !!!!!

wishing you and yours all the best. xx

rosielee Mon 10-Jan-05 12:31:04

Thanks everyone, I will try a letter and talking to his current school. Unicorn you must have done so well to get an A in spite of it!

It is just by exam - crazy system.

rosielee Mon 10-Jan-05 13:57:20

interesting - just had a chat with an educational consultant on a helpline thingy, who said this is quite common and they may well assess him on what he did do - apparently they have more discretion than I thought in marking papers.

Must be my day for good news

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