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worried about DD's school work

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kid Fri 07-Jan-05 10:53:57

DD is now in Year 1, when she was in Reception, she was doing well. She seems to have stopped trying in class now. She rarely finishes her work and never contributes to class discussions. I work in her class as CA for an hour 2 or 3 times a week. I spoke to her teacher at a parents evening and she said that DD spends alot of the time chatting instead of doing her work. We have half heartedly tried stickers / star chart, but it doesn't seem to be working. During one session this week, DD only managed to write the title!
She knows all the letters and sounds, can read several words. I don't know whether I am over reacting or whether I need to take some action. I'm not happy with the children she sits next to in class as I know these children are chatter boxes! (Not saying that DD is perfect, I just can't help but feel she would be less tempted if she was away from them!)
What do you think I should do? she is almost 6 years old.
I have read the thread about giving fish oils and I am going to try that. Which fish oils and where can I get them?

candycane Fri 07-Jan-05 13:15:36

Hi Kid - could you ask the teacher if she would try sitting dd in a different place for a few days and seeing if that helps? That way, it comes from the teacher and not from you. Also, remember she's very young and that school is about socialising at that age as well as learning. Is she happy to read/write at home? If so, she could maybe do a mini-project one weekend and take it to show the teacher. Yourself and the teacher praising that might encourage her to do more in school. Don't know anything about the fish oils sorry but Holland and barret might be a useful starting pojnt.

louise1974 Fri 07-Jan-05 17:24:58

EYE-Q are the ones you want1 from boots. you can get it in liquid form but it tastes disgusting.
my 12 yr old has been taking it for a while and concentration does seem to have improved.
I have yet to start my 4tr old but will soon.

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