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Delayed entry to Primary 1 (Scotland)

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Badger7 Wed 05-Jan-05 00:21:21


After much deliberation (and chats with Mumsnet mums!) we've decided to delay entry to P1 for our DS2 until 2006 (he is Jan birthday, so could start in either Aug05 or 06). Thanks to all who answered my requests for advice about how being eldest/youngest in class affects boys at Secondary School.

We are happy with our decision (Nursery teacher calmed our fears that we may harm him somehow by delaying, she only had positive things to say about boys being eldest in class instead of very youngest, at both Primary and Secondary levels).

Gillian76 Wed 05-Jan-05 00:25:41

Badger7 we made that decision last year for our DD (Feb 28th). The thought of registering her for school made me feel sick.

This year, I am more than happy to go and enroll her next week. The extra year has been very beneficial and I'm sure she'll be happier later on too.

I was worried about the fake ID at uni if she was the youngest!

Badger7 Wed 05-Jan-05 17:49:43

Hi Gillian
We were concerned about later years too. Only slight 'regret' we have now is that it will increase the separation between our sons - will now be P1&P4 instead of P1&P3.

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