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BBC report 'Spoiled Children Disrupt Schools'

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Blandmum Sat 22-Mar-08 09:01:10

link here

K999 Sat 22-Mar-08 09:06:30

I think teaching kids respect, manners and being considerate to others is so important. It equips them for the school environmnet. But that really must stem from the home in the first place.

FluffyMummy123 Sat 22-Mar-08 09:10:04

Message withdrawn

Blandmum Sat 22-Mar-08 09:12:28

my thought too cod!

Freckle Sat 22-Mar-08 09:13:23

I feel more and more sorry for teachers these days. In amongst all the crowd control, the aggressive and disrespectful pupils, is there any time to teach??

Yes, home is where it all starts but so many parents these days seem to parent by the "anything for a quiet life" approach. DS2 and DS3 keep moaning at me because I won't let them play inappropriate games (age rated 16+ and above) when their friends and their friends' younger siblings play them. When I ask the parents if they do actually let their children play these games (as opposed to my dcs saying they do in an effort to get me to agree), they say that they do otherwise the child just goes on and on about it. Sigh. So I can see this translating into similar tactics in school.

FluffyMummy123 Sat 22-Mar-08 09:13:39

Message withdrawn

chelsygirl Sat 22-Mar-08 09:15:15

freckle you are so right

Blandmum Sat 22-Mar-08 09:15:59

we've just got a hideous new TV.

Old TV went into play room.

Oldest TV went upstairs.

DD (11) said , with tremulous hope in her voice 'Can I have the TV in my room'

as one we said 'No'

She sighed and said, 'Didn't think so'

Poor downtrodden little lamb

FluffyMummy123 Sat 22-Mar-08 09:16:34

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Sat 22-Mar-08 09:17:38

Message withdrawn

Blandmum Sat 22-Mar-08 09:19:23

They come into lessons expecting to be entertained.

Well, not everything in life is fun. Learn it now kiddies, and learn it cheap!

and if they are not having fun every second of the lesson they kick off

I've got kids who cannot listen for 5 minutes to understand how to do the practical. they just want to fuck about. these children end up with an extensive understanding of the outside of my door, until the penny drops that I am not their ever doting mother and I don't give in. Ever.

chelsygirl Sat 22-Mar-08 09:19:45

my 2 don't have tv's in room either, we only have an old fashioned 11 yr old tv in the living room, there's too much violence/swearing/sex on to let kids have a tv to themselves (makes us old fashioned but I don't care)

BTW the kids moan about this, but its tough!

hercules1 Sat 22-Mar-08 09:20:05

I wish there were more parenting classes for parents who stuggle to instill some basic boundaries at home.

chelsygirl Sat 22-Mar-08 09:20:55

mb, taechers like you are needed to sort these disruptive kids out so the rest can hear/learn something

FluffyMummy123 Sat 22-Mar-08 09:21:17

Message withdrawn

chelsygirl Sat 22-Mar-08 09:21:53

hercules, in my experience these parents aren't interested enough to attend a parenting class

FluffyMummy123 Sat 22-Mar-08 09:22:44

Message withdrawn

chelsygirl Sat 22-Mar-08 09:23:01

think single parents should get a lot more help, god knows its hard enough with 2 of you there

hercules1 Sat 22-Mar-08 09:23:36

I think it would depend on whether a creche was offered and how it was 'sold' and incentives etc.

FluffyMummy123 Sat 22-Mar-08 09:24:01

Message withdrawn

Freckle Sat 22-Mar-08 09:24:25

We don't have tvs in bedrooms (well dh and I do but that's different!). No computers either, although DS1 has a laptop, but that is removed when he goes to bed (he has been caught playing games on it after lights out).

They do ask to have tvs in their rooms but the answer will always be no. They have a tv in their playroom but that's it. And I control what channels they watch. They don't like it but tough.

K999 Sat 22-Mar-08 09:25:09

I know plenty of single parents and their kids are not disruptive and do perfectly well.

FluffyMummy123 Sat 22-Mar-08 09:27:08

Message withdrawn

Blandmum Sat 22-Mar-08 09:27:31

The thing is , I see kids who are marterially very well provided for, parents are much better off than we are. But their kids are just plain spoiled, rude and used to having their own way.

One kid in year 11 (so 16 years old) was very disruptive and was on 'final waring', one more step out of line and he would be banned from the Graduation prom.

I asked him to do his top button up, he told me to fuck off. He was banned from the prom. His mother wrote in to say it was her fault he couldn't do his button up and his shirt was too small, which was a lie.

The school stuck to its guns, he tried to break into the prom, having arrived in a limo with his mates

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Sat 22-Mar-08 09:27:49


DS recently asked when he could have a TV in his bedroom. I told him, when he found a pepperami in his lunch box. grin

He just looked at me and said in an oh so accepting voice, that will be a no then. grin

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