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do you reward your kids for a good report?

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FluffyMummy123 Thu 20-Mar-08 19:53:53

Message withdrawn

RosaIsRed Thu 20-Mar-08 19:55:09

Yes, I reward then with a manly handshake and an approving nod. They are touched and honoured.

ScienceTeacher Thu 20-Mar-08 19:57:38

Yes - something like a lunch or supper out (of their choice).

FluffyMummy123 Thu 20-Mar-08 19:58:01

Message withdrawn

Buda Thu 20-Mar-08 19:59:12


A big hug and well done. Maybe a treat of some description. Nothing major though.

LLD Thu 20-Mar-08 20:00:45

No, But I beat them for a bad one.

OrmIrian Thu 20-Mar-08 20:02:14

Yes. WIth extra pocket money or even something smallish that they've been wanting for ages.

southeastastra Thu 20-Mar-08 20:03:05

what about a bad report?

unknownrebelbang Thu 20-Mar-08 20:03:09

Always take DS1 out for lunch following his Review Meeting - secondary. (He's off school for the day, when the other two are in school).

Not so much a reward as a chance to make the most of spending time with him on his own, plus DH.

So rare to spend a whole (well school) day with one of the boys on their own, unless they're sick!

lilyloo Thu 20-Mar-08 20:03:21

i did for his first one in reception but this time his teacher left out a pen and paper for us to leave a message for them in their trays, he appreciated this much more . He couldn't wait to get to school to read it. I thought it was a lovely idea from his teacher.

Troutpout Thu 20-Mar-08 20:08:45

They get to choose a day out.This a 'decent' day out as opposed to "all those boring house and garden places you are always taking us to" (ds 10 hmm)

FluffyMummy123 Thu 20-Mar-08 20:09:23

Message withdrawn

unknownrebelbang Thu 20-Mar-08 20:12:59

DS1 got dragged to Church this time as well as out for lunch, lol.

Well, it was Ash Wednesday, and there was a service at his brothers' school/church.

gingeme Thu 20-Mar-08 20:22:36

Thats lovely lillyloo. I treated ds3 yesterday after a briliant parents evening. He has reached all his targets already and he is the highest achiever in his class and he has great conversational and comunication skills and he reads quite a few words on his own now [proud parent emoticon] and he is very polite. Well my Mum always taight us manners don't cost anything and get you far.

muffinmonster Thu 20-Mar-08 20:27:21

We go to our usual cafe and instead of juice and a cookie they get to choose a big cream cake.

Reallytired Fri 21-Mar-08 09:50:16

I want my son to know he is loved unconditionally whether he is doing well academically or not.

What would you do if you had two children, one child who was gifted and talented and the other child with low intelligence.

Imagine the bright child had a glowing report and the stupid child had a really negative report. How would the stupid child (who might have tried their best) feel if the more intelligent child got treated and they didn't?

Good academic results are a reward on their own. I only see point in rewarding effort and good behaviour because most neurologcially typical children can decide to work hard and behave themselves.

bellavita Fri 21-Mar-08 09:58:28

Yes. Perhaps a fish and chip tea out or a trip to the cinema.

seeker Fri 21-Mar-08 10:06:27

"the highest achiever in his class" teachers say things like this? I am glad ours don't!

FluffyMummy123 Fri 21-Mar-08 10:08:29

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Fri 21-Mar-08 10:08:59

Message withdrawn

seeker Fri 21-Mar-08 10:17:06

6h yes, we get the"pleasure to teach" thing too. I interpret it to mean smarmy little sycophant - but I might be being a bit harsh.

really don't like the comparison to others as in "highest" "best" "worst" - that sort of thing.

purpleduck Fri 21-Mar-08 10:36:56

Verbal praise, thats it

I don't want to get into a situation where they are doing their best for reward. I want them to do their best because it FEELS better

But we are talking some quality verbal praise

Hulababy Fri 21-Mar-08 10:38:54

Not really, other than lots of praise and well done comments.

Got DD's report yesterday and again it is full of pleasure to teach, asset to the school, good example, great to have in the class, plus other academic comments. So proud mummy moment But for DD the priase is definitely enough for her - she thrives with it. So today and tomorrow grandparents will get to see her report, and they will heap the praise too and she will be beaming grin

Springflower Fri 21-Mar-08 10:39:16

Really tired - the parents night isnt just about how well they are doing academically (or it shouldnt be). It should be about how they are getting on, learning, behaving, trying etc and seeing some of their work. Thats what we try and reward and we got to write a letter saying what we liked seeing and what work we liked which they loved.

DANCESwithaMuffinTop Fri 21-Mar-08 10:43:51

'highest achiever in the class' - well obviously that's the most important thing, as long as he's better than everyone else hmm

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