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any teachers that became ed psychs?

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hana Wed 19-Mar-08 18:01:19

am sen teacher, have been for ages now, and am getting bored - love my job but its just the same same same. love studying and researching (I know I know) and have been thinking about this lately. Has anyone become ed psych after working as a teacher? curious , but just at thinking stage of what else could I do. can't imagine teaching for the next however many years..

TheFallenMadonna Wed 19-Mar-08 18:02:29

Bear in mind that it is a long process, unless you already have a psych degree. You will need one of those, and a three-year doctorate.

hana Wed 19-Mar-08 18:04:53

have bsc bed and msc already, not psych. think I need to talk to admissions. first 2 degrees are not uk either.

I need a doctorate first? though that came second
are you an ed psych madonna?

hana Wed 19-Mar-08 18:05:15

med not msc

TheFallenMadonna Wed 19-Mar-08 18:08:54

Not an EdPsych.

You need to do a BPS accredited psychology course. You could do a graduate conversion course as you already have a degree. Then you would need to apply for a doctorate in Educational Psychology.

BPS info here

hana Wed 19-Mar-08 18:15:54

cheers for that
excellent - will have a read later. think my MEd is one of accredited courses (was at IoE) thought of not having to teach for the rest of my years has me quite excited now

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