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group telling off ........

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Angeliz Wed 19-Mar-08 16:28:42

hi all,
dd1 had a fab assembly this morn.
All parents from her year were invited and they were all amazing. At the end the head said he wanted to see everyone at break.
I quizzed dd1 about it when she got home and it turns out some kids have been putting lots of paper down the loos and blocking them.
All the kids had to sit in the hall through their whole break and get a lecture and a few things were said that didn't sound nice.

I don't want dd to get away with everything but she's very good at school and i know it wasn't her so i'm quite annoyed that after a lovely heartwarming start to the day she gets punished for something she hasn't done........

posieflump Wed 19-Mar-08 16:30:11

I guess they don't know who had done it
Normally I would agree it is unfair but when you think about it - loos blocked, loos not working, all kids get sent home, major upheaval for parents etc, I think the end justifies the means this time if it stops it

TurkeyLurkey Wed 19-Mar-08 16:36:05

I wonder if the school gave the offenders chance to admit it so that everyone else didn't get punished too?...and they were too cowardly so everyone paid the price?

If so then I suppose the teachers have to follow through with some consequences which don't seem too harsh to me.

avenanap Wed 19-Mar-08 16:38:54

That's life though isn't it? It is unfair and they do learn this at a very early age. It's so sad sad

wannaBe Wed 19-Mar-08 16:43:08

If they don't know who it was though then the whole class has to be spoken to.

I remember vividly all being made to sit in the hall/in the dining room (was at boarding school) until the one person that had done wrong admitted to having done it. that's life unfortunately.

meemar Wed 19-Mar-08 16:43:55

I don't think the punishment was particularly hard. It's really hard for the school if this is a persistent problem and they have no idea who is behind it.

Maybe they just wanted to see if this worked and hopefully it will make the troublemakers think again.

Litchick Wed 19-Mar-08 16:50:43

School is a group activity and as such children have to take the highs and the lows as a group.
Also the kids who are not guilty will soon stop the offenders the next time they try it.
My friend who is totally against this 'herd mentality' home eds her kids.

MrsWeasley Wed 19-Mar-08 16:52:49

We found a whole orange down the toilet today at school. Then someone or more than 1 had used the toilet and it had to be cleaned/removed.

Blandmum Wed 19-Mar-08 16:55:21

I remember all the girls in my primary school being called into the Hall and being told that we were using too much loo paper. I must have been in year 3 at the time.

We were told that 3 sheets was quite enough

Stuck in my mind to this day, in fact.

We all lived through the experience. I expect your dd will too! smile

ScienceTeacher Wed 19-Mar-08 17:09:54

As others have said...also, peer pressure can be what it takes to get to the bottom of the problem.

Angeliz Wed 19-Mar-08 18:34:10

Thnaks for all your views. Just doesn't sit well with me at all that group thing.
I think she should take responsibility for her own actions but this seems that she's paying for others stupidity.

ScienceTeacher Wed 19-Mar-08 18:35:51

It was only a break...

Squirtle Wed 19-Mar-08 18:39:53

The teachers can't really send out the "good" children and just keep in the "naughty" children.

Angeliz Wed 19-Mar-08 18:43:20

Why not squirtle?

Flight Wed 19-Mar-08 18:43:22

When it is shiny paper, no amount is enough MB...those were the days!

TheFallenMadonna Wed 19-Mar-08 18:44:34

Do you think there is a clear cut distinction between 'good' and 'naughty' children?

Angeliz Wed 19-Mar-08 18:45:53

If my daughter had deliberately blocked a loo i'd want her told off yes, but i wouldn't expect the rest of the school to be reprimanded for her actions.

Squirtle Wed 19-Mar-08 18:48:36

No, I don't and that is why you can't. It has to be everyone together. You can't label children or assume.
I thought I knew who was messing up the toilets in my class. We had the stay in at play chat to the whole class and i said someone could maybe write a letter in the class message box. It turned out to be a totaly different child.

Squirtle Wed 19-Mar-08 18:50:15

Sorry, no i don't think there is a clear cut distinction between good and naughty. There is not a perfect child in my classroom/school/the world. Whilst you might know your child has not done something teachers can't assume like that.

Angeliz Wed 19-Mar-08 18:50:57

But if you knew for sure who it was, you're telling me that the said child wouldn't get told off without involving others?

TheFallenMadonna Wed 19-Mar-08 18:50:58

No, I guesses you dodn't grin I was asking Angeliz, sorry.

TheFallenMadonna Wed 19-Mar-08 18:51:26

What did I just type?

I guessed you didn't blush

Angeliz Wed 19-Mar-08 18:52:56

No but i think maybe a word with the whole school and then finding out who the culprits are. I don't call children 'naughty' either btw, i'm not labelling anyone, just think that resbonsibility for ones actions should mean just that.

TheFallenMadonna Wed 19-Mar-08 18:53:01

I'm assuming the school didn't know for sure who it was. And even if they did, a warning tot he whole school that it wasn't a good thing to do would still be appropriate. Although not the loss of a whole break.

Angeliz Wed 19-Mar-08 18:54:33

i don't think there is a clear distinction. I have a very calm dd, a very rebelios(sp?) dd and a little monster (but adorable) ds so i know they all have their own ways.

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