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time4me Tue 18-Mar-08 21:09:18

Please could you recommend an A2 Biology Teacher for a keen 17 year old who needs to improve her grade? Most grateful for any suggestions or ideas.Thank You!

Lindylou6 Wed 19-Mar-08 05:25:14


You think you got a primary school place, then a secondary school place and then before you know it is uni time!! I guess your dd is trying to get the grade needed for uni. I am in the same position with my dd and it isn't helped that she has had long stays in hospital. My daughter found this website: (I think thats right or something similar), they were really helpful. They sent us a list very quickly with details of about 6 tutors and we approached the lady ourselves, she is really great and my daughter is finding it invaluable. Hope this is helpful, let me know how you get on as it is renowned to be the hardest A2 level to take (but we can't tell them that especially as my daughter is dyslexic as well!!


time4me Wed 19-Mar-08 13:39:43

Hi Lindy
You sound a very busy lady and yet you found the time to reply.Yes I will follow that up and let you know.Many thanks!Yes my daughter is desperate to improve her grade.
I hope your daughter is successful and she sounds a very brave girl.Good Luck to her,she deserves it.

time4me Wed 19-Mar-08 13:47:14

ps Lindy
Regarding your remark re this subject being hard.Yes my daugher would really agree that her and her friends have found this the hardest subject by far!

Georgia61 Thu 20-Mar-08 16:33:39

Hi Lindy!
I'm not from Bolton so I couldn't recommend a specific person however when my daughter needed tuition I used an online company called First Tutors to find a tutor. It was quick and easy and didn't cost too much so I would say go and have a look on there (it got us out of a spot of bother).
Hope that helps!

Georgia61 Thu 20-Mar-08 16:34:26

sorry forgot to add the link! it is

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