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Info on Lewes Old Grammar School/Reeds Cobham

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ks Wed 27-Nov-02 18:17:43

Message withdrawn

Marina Wed 27-Nov-02 22:29:28

Lewes is supposed to be lovely for families and has a flourishing "alternative" primary school run by parents. Don't know either school I'm afraid ks.

CAM Thu 28-Nov-02 12:38:44

Dear ks
Lewes Old Grammar has a very good reputation but I don't have personal experience of it. Lewes has parts which are quite attractive architechturally but I feel it would be oppressively boring to live in.

MABS Thu 28-Nov-02 13:05:11

Hi KS , I know Lewes fairly well as my brother lived there until recently. Lovely place but NOT designed for cars, its a bitch to park there and roads are very narrow .Once you're in Lewes its hard to get out by car dur to traffic and hard to get in from the outside...

But, I was at Lewes Old Grammar School last week , for my dd and I LOVED it. If it were nearer to me and the traffic wasn't so murderous, and I didn't have ds also , I'd definitely send her there. The children were 'shining examples' of the school and it had a great feel to it. I do know people there, so any questions, ask away and I'll try and find out. As far as state schools goes , my only knowledge was of St Pancras School. My niece was there and friends have a child there, classes are relatively small I understand. Have you given up on Hove?

MABS Thu 30-Jan-03 21:31:48

KS - dread to even ask really - any progress down south ?

ks Thu 30-Jan-03 21:55:43

Message withdrawn

miggy Thu 30-Jan-03 22:21:20

We live about 4 miles from Lewes. There are nice restaurants there and also locally. Some of the restaurants in Lewes have had rave reviews from national papers. Lots of opera singers because of glyndebourne. Lewes is ok but falls into 2 camps, the elderly lobster buying country casuals type or the organic humuus and hand dyed jumper type. (note i live outside of Lewes!) Although it is our nearest town, we only go there about once a month, for general shopping it doesnt quite have the right shops and the high street is really steep and almost kills you pushing a buggy up hill! the tescos is the scanciest tesco I have ever been in and the spaces in the car park seem half normal size (but is 24hr) and it floods really badly. Plus points- farmers market,organic veg shop, lots of nice one off shops.
re school, I know a few children who go there and are really happy. We are going to go and have a look as present school only goes up to 13, so will need to move ds1 then, and pos move all 3 at same time- they have a very good bus service, which would be essential to avoid traffic in lewes. good luck with your sale

ks Fri 31-Jan-03 19:00:37

Message withdrawn

Twink Fri 31-Jan-03 22:19:08

ks, don't panic !
Remember you're moving out of London, scariest car city ever. My parents come from Lewes to visit me in deepest rural Berkshire and mutter about the traffic here.

There are some great specialist shops for fruit & veg, meat,cheese etc. Yes, Tesco is crap (but so are most I've had to live near) but there's a good Sainsbury 15 mins away (not the one on Lewes Road en route to Brighton) and for all the extras there's a Waitrose, with parking, in Brighton.

Miggy is right with the extreme family descriptions but those of us in the middle just used to take the p'ss out of both. At least they have both sides there, unlike rural Berks !

Most of the state primaries are good and there is a lot of parent & classroom assistant support; I know that my mum's school does an awful lot with children who need extra help, for whatever reason, whether they are statemented or not.

miggy Sat 01-Feb-03 19:49:34

Sorry KS meant Scanky as in Manky- cant explain it as it had a major refit last year but just generally grubby, shelves half empty etc. There is also a waitrose in Burgess Hill (where we usually shop) about 20min by car and easier than driving into Brighton, Also good MandS food dept in Haywards Heath and Shoreham, am hoping Safeway gets bought by someone good as big safeway in lewes (not v nice at moment)-sorry to sound food obsessed but do seem spend most of my time buying food ! Re lewes Grammer, a mum at present school (local pre-prep school) looked round last week and was v impressed (she has also looked at other large prep schools and liked lewes best).

ks Sat 01-Feb-03 20:50:13

Message withdrawn

ks Sat 01-Feb-03 20:56:05

Message withdrawn

Twink Sun 02-Feb-03 08:09:56

No, I'm a northerner ! - but my parents moved south when I was a teenager. I did 4 years at Priory school in Lewes as it was our nearest secondary.

Twink Sun 02-Feb-03 08:45:23

Oops, sorry, dd woke up and I pressed 'post' without thinking.
I was going to add, that my parents still live there and work in education so I still visit a lot and have quite a lot of info on local schools etc.

ks Sun 02-Feb-03 08:55:41

Message withdrawn

CAM Sun 02-Feb-03 19:43:31

ks don't worry about driving down these parts, you'll never get to go more than 10 miles an hour in Lewes. It's hard to get in and out to the main A27 because the road is cut through the downs (and through a tunnel) and there's just SO MUCH TRAFFIC. This is the southeast where there are too many cars and too few roads.

Twink Sun 02-Feb-03 22:05:04

Priory is the only state 11-16 school, although there are others in Ringmer & Chailey. In my day Priory was the 'better' one but apparently Chailey is currently top of the list.

As to whether I was happy, not a fair question given my circs so couldn't give you a proper answer - would any mid-teenage girl be happy moving 200 miles from her mates ?! I managed, but I moved from a girls grammar to a mixed comp at the same time as having to discover graarss and barths. To be fair, Lewes probably was a good place to have to adapt, there certainly are worse !

ks Thu 12-Jun-03 10:47:57

Message withdrawn

MABS Thu 12-Jun-03 19:03:50

don't know ks, but i'll ask my brother - he did it for 2 yrs.

ks Fri 13-Jun-03 10:45:09

Message withdrawn

CAM Fri 13-Jun-03 11:36:50

I know you have to go through Eastbourne etc and it takes about an hour and a quarter.

Twink Fri 13-Jun-03 18:28:22

The line is direct (train comes from Eastbourne enroute to Victoria), it used to take 55 mins in the old days but now seems to take 60-70. Friend who is coming to stay soon did the commute for many years so will ask and get back to you.

MABS Mon 16-Jun-03 17:22:20

KS how was the visit to Lewes? Any progress, My brother said the commute should be ok from there 75 mins , but he said there is sometimes a tendency for evening trains to be cancelled.

CAM Mon 16-Jun-03 18:00:27

My dh knows people who do it/have done it and he says it is bearable.

ks Mon 16-Jun-03 18:55:54

Message withdrawn

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