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yr3 boy reading yr1 books and finding them hard

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Rogue Mon 13-Dec-04 23:45:51

is this the norm???

according to school no problems in school yet he struggles like mad to read and write yet they are not concerned!!! reading oxford reading tree stage 3 which is aimed at 5y -5y 6m. without me decking the teacher for not listening to him or myself ....where the heck do i go to .... ive been !!!!!!! dyslexia for 2 yrs yet school state nothing is wrong....HELPPPPPPPPP
cheers all

spacedonkey Mon 13-Dec-04 23:47:17

rogue, my ds was like this, but he caught up by year 4/5

Rogue Mon 13-Dec-04 23:54:29

im getting worried as he is a little s.o.d. at home school just dont want to know....only just moved into the area after many years...and he is getting worse not better...will it ever change??????

spacedonkey Tue 14-Dec-04 00:02:18

Is his behaviour a problem at school?

Rogue Tue 14-Dec-04 00:06:45

nope he saves it all for me and i just pay for making him go to school on test days by him beating up others and being a right 'darlin' towards me school will not get involved with it as it is a "home matter"

spacedonkey Tue 14-Dec-04 00:07:56

I think if your instinct is that there is aproblem of some kind then you should go with that and see what help you can get

Rogue Tue 14-Dec-04 00:12:37

been to camhs they contact school they said his behaviour is find in school they send us away and no one wants to know contacted ed depo today and hopefully they will find out whats wrong coz she was on phone for well over hour

spacedonkey Tue 14-Dec-04 00:13:17

maybe you'd be better seeing your GP if his behaviour is fine in school?

Rogue Tue 14-Dec-04 00:17:42

i have and they wont do any testing on him for food allergys/intolorance or run any tests feel like im just banging my head on a brick wall, why wont these so called pro's listen to a mum who says i think there could be a problem help me find out what it gp said he is jelouse of other 3 children in family and just wants all the attention so he is doing it as he is getting it all be it me following him round to stop him b4 he does something or telling him off

spacedonkey Tue 14-Dec-04 00:18:38

I think if I were you I'd try and see a different GP or perhaps try something like surestart?

Rogue Tue 14-Dec-04 00:20:49

i live in slough and surestart is along road from me but i dont know who to speak to or see regarding it all

spacedonkey Tue 14-Dec-04 00:21:09

With my ds he just wasn't ready to get to grips with literacy until he was ready if you know what I mean, and then he caught up really quickly, so just because your ds is behind at the moment, doesn't necessarily mean he has educational problems as such

Rogue Tue 14-Dec-04 00:23:14

im praying he doesnt have them, just dont know how to help him to control things and help him to learn to do the basics you need in life like read and write

spacedonkey Tue 14-Dec-04 00:26:09

rogue, seriously I would say don't panic and give it time. All children develop and learn at different rates and it's really common for boys to be a bit slower in picking up the literacy. Honestly I would say that if the school aren't worried then he probably hasn't got a problem. At the same time, your instincts as a mum are important, so if you really have a feeling he has a problem there is help out there to identify what it is. I'm sure you'll get loads of good advice in the morning from other mumsnetters who've been through the same sort of thing!

Rogue Tue 14-Dec-04 00:31:07

thanks for the advise. hubby said i should just go to surestart coz they might be able to give me info on something else for him to do other than come out of school angry and going off at me which could also help him with reading and writing

spacedonkey Tue 14-Dec-04 00:31:38

it sounds like he comes out of school with a lot of pent up energy to spare?

Rogue Tue 14-Dec-04 00:36:06

he comes out like im a red rag and he is a i love him though and even if he does hit out at me guess i should be glad he isnt clumping some poor little kid in school

Rogue Tue 14-Dec-04 00:37:18

right off to bed for 3 hours kip before it all starts again...thanks for the chat and advice...

spacedonkey Tue 14-Dec-04 00:37:45

again, I think this is really common, especially with boys - it sounds like your little lad is a ball of energy, he needs to kick a football around or something to work it off as soon as he comes out of school

spacedonkey Tue 14-Dec-04 00:39:40

i know this might sound mad, but you could get him a punchbag for xmas so he could literally work off some of his energy

it's hardly surprising when they've been forced to sit still all day imo!

tigermoth Tue 14-Dec-04 07:40:17

Do you know much about the other children in his class? are there many who can't read well? if so, your son wouldn't stand out so much whether he has any problem or not. I'm not saying league tables are the gospel truth, but what are they like for your school?

stitch Tue 14-Dec-04 09:15:11

change gp. talk to hv. surestart. someone. sounds like you guys both need help. if yo feel there is something wrong, then there is.
there is a lovely charity in sutton, called family focus. they have been very helpful to me. maybe something like that in slough?

Rogue Wed 22-Dec-04 10:40:00

the other kids in class are all *with in* the giudelines they are supposed to be in. i don't understand why he is finding it hard like he is, i've tried all the reading books and practice books form whsmiths and he just finds them hard even with the dots to go over her writes it backwards and well reading it is just impossible.
he wrote me a letter the other day telling me about a girl in school who keeps kicking him he got rather upset that i had to ask him to read it to me. i guess im just at a loss at what i do to help him overcome this problem with out really knowing what is the problem! im 99% sure he has dyslexia but where do i go for the test when *no one* will listen, gp, school senco or his ed phsycologist who says he is just an angry boy who needs to talk about why he is angry...*hello ed phsy* this is what i have been saying. we need to findthe route cause of this and sooner rather than later would be oh so good.

aloha Wed 22-Dec-04 11:16:22

He sounds frustrated and maybe embarassed and angry that he is falling behind his peers. Agree he probably needs to go to the park after school and run around a bit. Also, don't worry too much about reversing letters that seems pretty normal. Do they teach how to sound out words - eg C-A-T spells CAT or just expect them to recognise the word 'cat'? I think that the former (phonics) is a better strategy with kids who are struggling to read.

aloha Wed 22-Dec-04 11:18:29

Also, have you tried just praising him all day long? I mean really going over the top pointing out every tiny thing he does well - "Oh, you've written a letter! That's fantastic! You are so clever!" "You are a really great footballer" etc etc rather than following him around and telling him off (I think you said that you find yourself doing that a lot). This can have really wonderful results.

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