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Help adult costume for World Book Day

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PatTheHammer Fri 22-Feb-13 18:26:10

Good grief this is a zombie thread.......why do I never check the dates!

PatTheHammer Fri 22-Feb-13 18:24:29

We do a theme in our department.

Last year I was The Wicked Witch of the West (easy, black clothes, big black hat broomstick and a green face) and the rest of my dept were other characters from Oz.

This year they are doing Lord of the Rings, so I am Shelob. Basically will be stuffing tights for my legs and pinning them onto my black jumper and sticking some deely-boppers or something on.

I am starting to detect a theme of baddies here, wonder what that says about me? grin

orangepudding Fri 22-Feb-13 18:20:24

How about Ottoline, wear odd shoes.

Redcape Fri 22-Feb-13 18:09:54

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

smartiejake Fri 29-Feb-08 14:44:35

I went to school one book day dressed as Miss Wobble the waitress from the Happy Families series.

WHite blouse, black skirt, white pinny, little white hat and L plates on my back (as she's not very good at waitressing!)

Another time I went as worzel gummidge but that was a bit more involved. ie. suit with straw sewn coming out the sleeves and attached to a hat with a cardboard carrot for a nose.

verona Fri 29-Feb-08 13:41:10

Oh god. I've just gone back to work after a few days' sick (am a dinnerlady) to discover I need to dress up for world book day.
Colleague told me that if you can't/won't dress up you have to see the headmaster!
Don't want to hire a costume. I get paid just over a fiver for the hour and it'll cost me £10 and i'm in the hall that day and will get covered in food.
Any ideas?

Sim43 Mon 25-Feb-08 14:42:55

I really despise world book day. Another chance for mums to outdo each other with the outfits. Most of which go as cartoon characters when it is supposed to be your favourite book character. Those who cannot make an outfit, and I have attempted this on occasions, go out and buy one. You only have to put world book day outfits in your search engine and see how many company's are advertising fancy dress costumes. They are making loads of money out of us mums. We hardly get any notice and get totally stressed out about it. It is about time we boycotted this stupid idea. I'm all for encouraging reading, but exactly who is benefiiting from this day apart from the shops!

shazza12 Mon 25-Feb-08 11:43:45

Jokers' Masquerade have some excellent fancy dress ideas for World Book Day on their homepage at the moment: Fancy Dress

Maidamess Sun 10-Feb-08 21:53:25

Wear a witches hat and go as Proffessor Whatserface from harry Potter.

maisiedaisy Sun 10-Feb-08 21:52:18

old clothes

maisiedaisy Sun 10-Feb-08 21:51:43

Abbylou, how about turning ol cothes into dirty rags and go as Cindrella before the ball.

Thanks for ideas, I think Little Red Riding Hood will be easiest and I can eat the cakes afterwards! Thanks Littlefish

AbbyLou Sun 10-Feb-08 21:47:04

Know how you feel Maisie. I'm a teacher too and hate dressing up for World Book Day. This year ds is in the Nursery too so I've got to think of a costume for him too. Last year I was 7 months pregnant and I went as The Bad-Tempered Ladybird. I wore a red top with balck paper circles stuck on, black trousers and a hairband with feelers on. It was very simple and I was comfortable. Any ideas for me? I'm not pregnant this year but still stuck!!

Starmummy Sun 10-Feb-08 15:53:08

What about Wendy from Peter Pan in a nightdress? Alternatively brown trousers and top, paint on white spots with poster paint (not the stuff from school as it doesnt come out) and two brown socks for ears and go as toto from wizard of oz.
What about the mad professor woman from HP (memory lapse with name sorry).
We are thinking now, will try to post again later.
Must be some teachers on here who have done it before.

good luck

Littlefish Sun 10-Feb-08 15:52:33

Red cloak (piece of fabric tied round your neck), basket full of cakes = Little Red Riding Hood.

MrsBadger Sun 10-Feb-08 15:45:12

if bump is visible buy a cheap tan velour tracksuit, add red t-shirt and be winnie the pooh

maisiedaisy Sun 10-Feb-08 15:38:34

Last try?!

maisiedaisy Sat 09-Feb-08 21:41:42


maisiedaisy Sat 09-Feb-08 20:57:39

Yes World Book Day is looming and we are dressing up, which means teachers as well as children.

Please help, I will be nearly 20 weeks pregnant and have no idea what to wear.

Making something is not an option as I can not sew at all.

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