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Any views on Charter School, Dulwich?

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maryrose2 Fri 08-Feb-08 12:38:08

Thinking about moving into the Herne Hill/North Dulwich area and wondering what Charter is like. Would really appreciate views, opinions etc

impossible Tue 04-Oct-11 13:16:09

Just joined mumsnet and saw your question. Doubt you are still looking for an answer but in case you are, or anyone else is, I can assure you Charter is great. My dd goes there and has never been happier - this is after being at schools in Dulwich village which were predominently middleclass. (Lots of village junor school kids are peeled off into private school before hitting secondary.) Charter is comprehensive with every sort of child you could imagine there so it has been an education in many ways but they knock along fine and are proud of their school. My dd has found great self assurance and loves being part of the school. The teachers are for the most part young and cool and she is thriving. A big plus also is that all of her friends are a walk away. Definitely an outstanding school - we are lucky to have it.

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