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Eton: what is the female equivalent, academically speaking?

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DiamandaGalas Fri 25-Jan-08 21:36:43

Eton:what is the female equivalent, academically speaking?

pankhurst Fri 25-Jan-08 21:44:00


?holloway women's?

nooka Fri 25-Jan-08 22:05:50

Eton is not primarily academic, it's main claim to fame being it's cost and exclusivity (not saying it doesn't get good results, just that you don't have to be incredibly bright to go there). As it's the most expensive public school, I guess the equivalent girl's school would be Cheltenham Ladies, but I suspect that academic standards there are rather higher, as it is known to be academic (very blue-stocking). I think Roedean or Bennedon are probably where most Etonian's sisters might go.

controlfreakygobshite Fri 25-Jan-08 22:06:52

who cares?

harpsichordcarrier Fri 25-Jan-08 22:07:21

probably Cheltenham Ladies for exclusivity and Meeting the Right Sort
possibly Benenden

frogs Fri 25-Jan-08 22:07:46

Wycombe Abbey or Downe House are the academic and social equivalents of Eton. Benenden or St Mary's Calne are for their slightly less academic but equally socially smart cousins.

DiamandaGalas Fri 25-Jan-08 22:10:07

what do you think of Bedales?

i know it is a mixed one ... any thoughts?

nooka Fri 25-Jan-08 22:12:29

Um - why? Are you thinking of sending your dd there?

DiamandaGalas Fri 25-Jan-08 22:17:12

considering all options at the mo.. she still has to be potty trained so many years ahead! Just would like to have mumsnetters opinions and comments.

frogs Fri 25-Jan-08 22:19:16

Bedales = sloanes who think they're alternative, but are actually very mainstream but a bit f*cked up.

may not be like that now of course, but I shared a flat with a couple of ex-bedalians in my time, and that was the general flavour.

Judy1234 Fri 25-Jan-08 23:06:19

Eton is often in the top 5 for exam results. However it is 10th on this year's Times top 100 state and secondary schools. Above it are schols like St Paul's Girls (1), North London Collegiate (2), Wycombe Abbey (4). So only one of those 3 is boarding. Depends what you're comparing. Downe House is 45 so not quite up there with those others. Cheltenham is 22.H Benenden is trailing at 96.

swedishmum Sat 26-Jan-08 00:48:59

I've always thought both Downe House and Benendon were for less able but nice girls. Judging solely on those I know got in way back in the 80s/90s.

swedishmum Sat 26-Jan-08 00:50:10

Roedean always beat our school at tennis.

ZippiBabes Sat 26-Jan-08 00:50:41

i would say wycombe abbey

ScienceTeacher Sat 26-Jan-08 03:41:17

What aspect of Eton are you trying to find in a girls' school?

Eton isn't really the top academically, but if you are looking for top academics, my gut feel would be to say Wycombe Abbey.

I would not say Roedean at all - last I heard, they were struggling a bit.

I think the sisters would be very spread out, with lots of them going to St George's Ascot.

miobombino Sat 26-Jan-08 09:22:42

I think Eton is tightening its academic belt now and some vestiges of the past are going, such as registering your male heir at birth or soon after. like Westminster, St Paul's etc., it has an academic filtering test at 11 to see who will go forward to do Common Entrance at 13+. So turning up and joining your father's old House there will no longer cut the mustard. Quite right in this day and age.

female equivalent ? I'd say Wycombe Abbey.

idlingabout Sat 26-Jan-08 12:15:22

''considering all options at the mo.. she still has to be potty trained so many years ahead! Just would like to have mumsnetters opinions and comments. ''

So presumably you are also looking into the local state

pankhurst Sat 26-Jan-08 17:39:34

I suggested Roedean or Holloway Women's PRISON on the basis that neither they - nor Eton - are the sorts of places I would want my dds to go!!!

I have personally found these kinds of establishment produce less than 'rounded' individuals.


LIZS Sat 26-Jan-08 17:45:06

Roedean has snob appeal but isn't top notch academically. London girls' school such as St Paul's do better.

Judy1234 Sat 26-Jan-08 18:12:22

Yes, I gave the rankings above. If you want a boarding school equivalent then Wycombe Abbey. If you aren't bothered about that aspect then St Paul's or North London Collegiate which get slightly better exam results than Eton.

nooka Sat 26-Jan-08 18:50:32

Sorry but this is really nuts. Wait until you know your daughter's abilities and interests before you think about which public school is best! Otherwise you are really only going on snob value. Think about private prep schools if you must - you could always ask the ones you like where they send their girls on to.

Judy1234 Sat 26-Jan-08 19:23:46

You need a reasonable prep school to get them into the one after and below that nursery school in some cases but the main issue really is whether you think boarding school is pscyhologicallt damaging which I do which rule out Wycombe Abbey and rule the other ones in.

ScienceTeacher Sat 26-Jan-08 19:31:29

I think the hierarchy of decisions should be:

boarding or day
co-ed or single sex
amount of extra/co-curricular activities
academic performance
school size, class size, pastoral care, tradition etc.

Swedes Sat 26-Jan-08 19:38:25

These days you get into Eton on academic merit, not because your father's grandfather did a bit of inbreeding with the Duke of Westminster's brother.

Judy1234 Sat 26-Jan-08 19:44:35

Certainly. It's very hard to get into as are all schools that get the best exam results as you'd expect in the free market.

On the hierarchy for decisions I agree with the first tow but then I'd put academics third because all these really top flight schools have very very similar sports, music etc activities if you're looking at the top 15 schools in the country by exam results.

For some people fees are an issue - the day schools are half the cost of the boarding schools and for others location issues are important.

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