Practice english questions for common entrance exam

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arwen Tue 08-Jan-08 20:24:57

I am trying to set some for my niece so she can practice but have run out of topics. She has already done last years paper to practice, does anyone have any topics I can suggest?


claricebeansmum Wed 09-Jan-08 19:37:14

You can buy packs of practice papers from bookshops, WH smith etc published by nferNelson.

Are you sure your neice is doing Common Entrance...CE is for boys public schools at 13. Is she perchance doing 11+?

ScienceTeacher Wed 09-Jan-08 19:45:01

Is she in a prep school now? If so, they will do practice papers ad nauseam.

You can get your own from the Independent Schools Examinations Board, ISEB - check out their website.

nortynamechanger Wed 09-Jan-08 19:56:20

cbm, girls also take CE.

common entrance

WriggleJiggle Fri 11-Jan-08 10:30:37

The literature section has changed focus I think. It used to be hero and heroines. So I can't suggest much there apart from:
1) Which do you feel is the best story, play or poem you have read in the last year? Write a review to persuade others in your class to read it.

Writing tasks
1) Do you believe that keeping teenages off the streets at night could reduce crime? Do you agree with 9pm curfew? Or is it an infringement of rights? Write a letter to gvmt arguing views.

2) write a descriptive account of either ports, airports, bus stations or railway station, vividly creating the spirit of the place.

3) "taking the short cut"

4)"I would rather be an only child than have brothers or sisters" explain your views

5) "Premonitions" (!)

6) Write about fav adults - a relation, neighbour or teacher.

2005-6 paper
2 questions in 1hr 40mins

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