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Minimus Latin - do I really need the teacher's book too?

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SSStollenzeit Thu 13-Dec-07 12:15:54

I'm about to order the Minimus - starting Latin pupil book and cassette but I'm wondering if I really need to order the teacher's book too? Wouldn't it all be quite self-explanatory at this stage? I'm just teaching my own dd not a group so not sure if I need all the worksheets too.

Has anyone worked with it maybe and can give me some advice? Have you found the teacher's handbook valuable/essential? Thanks!

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Thu 13-Dec-07 15:04:53

Hi - have only done it with my own child ( he mostly did it hismslef out of interest, I had minimal input) and I am not a teacher. He found it self-explanatory, tho' must admit I did not know there was a teacher's guide and would have been tempted to read it f i had as some years before when we did the Oxford reading tree that also seemed self-explanatory, buit the teacher's guide was invaluable - there was lots of very useful info inside!

SSStollenzeit Thu 13-Dec-07 19:52:34

Oh thanks for that MrsGuy. Since I'm ordering it from overseas and it's not lying around any bookstores here, I can't just thumb through it and see if I'd need it IYSWIM. It looks quite thick and has worksheets in it apparently so I suppose it's good for those extra practice activities etc.

Was your ds learning Latin at school and just using the book for practice/revision at home or learning solely via Minimus?

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Fri 14-Dec-07 11:18:42

DS1 (9) was initially interested in learning Latin because of the derivation of the spells in Harry Potter! He askd me to get him a Latin dictionary and I explained that Latin words change depending on the context, so he needed to understand that first. He will be starting school Latin next year, so will at least have an understanding of the basics, and an a keen interest to learn more. He also saw me reading part of Livy's History of Rome (in translation!) last year on hols and I read him some of the exciting bits about Hannibal, so he knows Roman authors wil be interesting to read in the future.
Some of the Asterix books have been translated into Latin, so next time I am in France am intending to pick those up as another little carrot grin

Blandmum Fri 14-Dec-07 11:22:36

How good is your latin? If you are good at it, then you will probably be fine without. Teachers guides not only give the answers, but they also sometimes give you ideas on how to get specific concepts across to the kids....useful analogies to use, that sort of thing.

the used to do Winnie the pooh in latin at one time smile

WeAllWantSomeFluffyPudding Fri 14-Dec-07 11:26:19

You can get Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland in Latin, although they aren't actually that easy to read, IME blush

Teachers handbooks are great if they give you all the solutions for any excercises as well as assistance in explaining concepts...otherwise you'll end up trying to explain the difference between the Acc+Inf and the use of the subjunctive in a result clause and get into a muddle wink

Or you won't...but as someone who used to teach undergraduate level Latin grammar, I can safely say that there is nothing as helpful as a teachers crib grin

Good luck!!!

SSStollenzeit Mon 17-Dec-07 09:34:52

I'm a medieval historian by training so I'm supposed to know my Latin... But you know how it is - how good it really is these days and whether I can teach it well is something else.

Thanks for your thoughts, still chewing it over. Ordered the pupil's book so I'll wait for it to arrive and have a look at it.

Marina Mon 17-Dec-07 09:56:04

The Teachers' Handbook is excellent SSStollenzeit I am starting a Club at the dcs' school in January and it's an essential for me as I will be working with a group of 12 children.
I think you will still find it useful.
Have you checked out the Minimus website? There are all sorts of helpful additional downloads etc on there

SSStollenzeit Mon 17-Dec-07 12:03:45

Faints at the idea of teaching 12 dc anything ....

Yes Marina, I've had a look around the site. Perhaps I will have to get the handbook after all. It seemed a bit OTT for one 7 year old, that's all.

Hope your course goes well!

Kathyate6mincepies Mon 17-Dec-07 12:05:34

I've got the Minimus book for my swotty 7 year old nephew.
Didn't want to get the teachers' book too in case it doesn't go down well. It looked ok to use without though, if you have basic Latin yourself.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Mon 17-Dec-07 12:57:21

Inspired by this thread grin I have ordered Aserix Gallus as an Xmas present to me!!!!!! ( Might let DS have a peek if he is VERY good wink

Marina Mon 17-Dec-07 17:34:53

I went on an excellent Minimus Training Day in November and some of the seminar leaders recommended other resources that work well with Minimus
I have a note of them in my file at home and will try and remember to post the ISBNs here
The children's magazine Aquila sells back issues and one of them is a Roman special btw

roisin Mon 17-Dec-07 20:27:30

Is "Minimus" fun?
Can children access it fairly independently?
DS1 is desperate to learn Latin hmm Don't ask me why!
He's picked up quite a bit from various different sources, but won't actually learn it at school for another 3 years.

Dh and I speak/read various languages to various degrees of competency, but neither of us have any Latin whatsoever. And even less inclination to try and teach ds1 in any way.

But do you think he would enjoy flicking through/toying with a Minimus workbook and absorbing some of it. Or is that complete cloud cuckoo land?

MariNativityPlay Mon 17-Dec-07 21:38:40

It is fun IMO but then I loved Latin even when it was taught boringly, so to speak
I am sure between you, you and dh could help your ds1 with the book, the Latin is very simple, but tbh I think it might work better in a group setting. There is a lot of emphasis on acting out little scenes, group activities etc

I said I'd post the info on a couple of recommended additional resources but one of them is out of print and not even traceable on Abebooks.
The other is this which actually, roisin, might suit you both better...

roisin Tue 18-Dec-07 07:41:12

Thanks marina - that looks great. DS1 loves mythology, so that is right up his street.

I don't really want him to learn Latin right now, but rather just to pander a little to his desire to do so!

I wish you were local though and he could go to your club grin

foofi Tue 18-Dec-07 07:48:51

Don't have any experience of this myself, but dd has been using the Minimus book at school and really enjoyed it.

SSStollenzeit Tue 18-Dec-07 12:22:07

Glad to see you inspired and buying yourself an Asterix in Latin Mrs Guy! Attagirl!

That mythology book sounds good too but someone has written in the review that it was a bit too hard for her 10 year old so might just keep that one in mind for later.

Foofi, is she just doing one lesson a week?

foofi Wed 19-Dec-07 07:06:00

Two, and they're due to move on to the Cambridge books soon.

roisin Fri 25-Jan-08 21:07:32

Marina - I finally got round to getting the mythology book and it arrived today.

DS1 has declared it to be awesome
thank you grin

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Sat 26-Jan-08 11:01:49

Have just one-clicked to buy the mythology book - thanks Marina!

marina Sun 27-Jan-08 21:50:04

Excellent, glad it worked its magic
My lot seem to be enjoying Minimus at the mo but I have that book up my sleeve for next term
Am really enjoying running my club, they are lovely children and all pretty keen in their own variable ways wink
They all have Latin names now, eg Joshus, Henricus, Rubia and we can sing happy birthday in Latin which seems to have gone down well
Next week we will be doing Senex Macdonaldus

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Wed 30-Jan-08 14:24:33

Mytholgy book arrived - excellent - thanks for the info!!!

Manoxlon Tue 10-Nov-15 07:55:28

I realise this is an old thread - could I ask how old are your kids? I'm also thinking about the Minimus programme. thx

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