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Auchterarder - any advice?

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Vonster1 Sun 11-Nov-07 17:26:48

We have the chance to move to Perthshire and have (finally) decided that, if we come, it will be to Auchterarder. Does anyone live there/have children at the community School/got any comments advice or tips? We are considering houses on Lundies Walk and the Glenorchil estate. Any thoughts?

We are having real trouble deciding whether or not to move from Lancashire to Scotland - any comments much appreciated!!!

suedonim Sun 11-Nov-07 19:55:47

I used to live in Perth and still have friends there, also my mum lives in Crieff. A good friend used to be the head of nursery in Auchterarder, some years ago. Auchterarder has developed a lot in recent years and I believe is quite a posh place to live now, whereas it was once a Sleepy Hollow. smile

You'd not be far from Perth or Stirling and Edinburgh and Glasgow are not far away at all. There's plenty to do, travel communications are good and I think it's a nice area in which to raise children. Hth. smile

Eliza2 Sun 11-Nov-07 21:55:54

Perthshire is gorgeous! If I had to live in Scotland I'd live there.

ScottishMummy Sun 11-Nov-07 21:59:45

"some links...looks fabby"

Vonster1 Mon 12-Nov-07 07:47:59

Thanks a lot . House prices seem to suggest quite posh to live - £300k plus for 4 beds, presumably because commutable to several places and school looks fine.

ScottishMummy Mon 12-Nov-07 08:49:52

very accessible for many places, and yes good schools

btw, where i now live (london) you'd be lucky get a2 bed flat for 300k

west3 Mon 12-Nov-07 16:55:49

School is basically nursery, primary and secondary all on one site but in separate buildings. I know most about primary as DD has been there for the past few years. Headteacher changed at start of summer term so she is starting to put her own mark on the place. Lots of focus on team work and houses - challenges, rewards etc. Communication is improving and plenty of things going on in and after school in terms of clubs etc. Teachers so far have been A1 in my experience and very good at letting you know any concerns or things to keep eye on.
Depending on age of your dc(s) there is loads to do in the town - toddler group, playgroup, gymnastics club, rainbows, brownies, beavers, cubs, french classes, ballet, football, library based stuff singing storytime etc.
Town is pretty good amenities wise. Good GP surgery, Co-op supermarket for everyday bits and pieces, great selection of independents such as butchers, card shops, post office, florists, hairdressers and coffee shops.
Glenorchil estate is at the Gleneagles end of town, about 20 yrs old and a real mixture of people - families, retired, couples. House have better plot sizes and therefore reasonable gardens.
Lundies Walk is at the opposite end of town, new builds and to my knowledge smaller plots so gardens are a bit neat. I think mainly couples and families but not 100% sure.
Let me know if you need any more cos tea is starting to smell ready and dd is shouting that she is starving.

Vonster1 Tue 13-Nov-07 07:26:56

Hi West3 - thanks a lot for all that - just the stuff I needed. Spent last weekend in Autherarder and you confirm everything I had thought.

west3 Tue 13-Nov-07 08:04:25

You are very welcome. Let me know if you have any other questions. Moved to area about 3 1/2 years ago and haven't looked back or wished we hadn't made the move. Great area to live in and I have found it easy to settle.

west3 Tue 13-Nov-07 08:06:39

Have toddlers this am with ds but will be around again at midday if you think of anything.

no2012 Wed 14-Nov-12 18:06:35

Be aware that Perth and Kinross Council have passed planning permission for 900 new homes to be built on the north side of the high street running down towards Aberuthven. This development will have an obvious impact on local schools and services within Auchterarder area.

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