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school residential trips

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Loukarla Thu 08-Nov-07 13:44:55

My daughter is in year 6 of primary. There is the usual planned residential in June 2008 to Bude. It is only mon - fri but will cost £295. When my son went 3 years ago it was £220 and that was bad enough. We've had a really expensive year, not from holidaying anywhere (oh how I wish!) but from boring stuff like the car, leaks in the bedroom, special birthdays, etc. and I cannot afford this trip. My daughter is ok about it, but the class teacher has tried to force her to go by getting the other children to chant "Go to Bude, go to Bude", etc. I've been in and complained and this has now stopped. The problem now is that in year 6 at this school they can take part in a Civic Award, which I think can lead onto Duke of Edinburgh, and my daughter really wants to do it, but she's been told that she can't unless she has been on a residential trip!!! Any thoughts on this?

irises Thu 08-Nov-07 13:48:43

The class teacher was well out of line and I'm glad it's stopped.

Is there any way the school can give some sort of a discount in the circs?

irises Thu 08-Nov-07 13:49:28

When my ds was in yr 6 they just asked for instalment payts over about 9 months so it didn't seem so bad.

bev1e Thu 08-Nov-07 13:50:00

You don't mention whether your dd would actually like to go or not just that she's OK about not going.

We have a fund at our school for parents who genuinely can't afford the cost of the year 6 residential (and other trips). Assuming your dd would like to go why not ask your Head if there is such a thing at your school and whether you could "apply" for help from it?

Loukarla Thu 08-Nov-07 17:14:38

Thanks for the input grin The teacher asked if we got free school meals (which we don't) as they would help then and I would probably only have to pay about £50!! I was told by her to write to the head teacher, which I did and have been acknowledged, but heard nothing else.

My daughter is fantastic, she's not that bothered about going as she's a little nervous about some of the activities she would be doing and SHE thinks its too much! On the other hand would go if I could afford it.

ElenyaTuesday Thu 08-Nov-07 18:32:19

My ds1's Year 6 trip will be £300 shock but the school are allowing everyone to pay for it at £50 per month.

cazboldy Thu 08-Nov-07 18:41:16

even £50 is a lot of money! is there noone who could help you out with it short term i.e grandparents?

Loukarla Fri 09-Nov-07 08:03:15

Ha ha! My youngest niece went to the same school after returning from France and had a chance to go on this trip. My mum paid for it on the promise of my sister paying it back by November - but she hasn't, so no chance for me!

Everhopeful Fri 09-Nov-12 15:23:49

I'm getting more and more wound up about these expensive trips: whatever the schools say, they're a nice-to-have, not essential and kids need to learn that you have to prioritise what you spend. Your dd sounds like a sensible kid to me - no surprises that she'd like to go, but understands that it's come at the wrong time for you. This happens. Doesn't it send the wrong signal for the school to say "spend it anyway, cos it suits us"?

V surprised anything at primary leads to DofE, but you live and learn.

Leeds2 Fri 09-Nov-12 16:47:44

I have never heard of the Civic Award, but you certainly don't need it to do Duke of Edinburgh at senior school. Schools don't even begin to offer D of E until year 9 or 10 - I think you have to be 14 to start it - so I very much doubt that this Civic Award would have any impact whatsoever on something your DD may or may not do in 4 years time. The Civic Award may be a sort of primary school equivalent of D of E and may, I suppose, have a residential trip as part of the requirements. If it doesn't, I can't see why the school would exclude your DD from it.

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