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Blunkett says 'bussing in' won't work

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UnquietDad Fri 28-Sep-07 23:37:34

Interesting story here

Blunkett was asked at a fringe meeting if American-style "bussing in" to ensure true social mixing in comps would be a way forward - his answer (good old socialist class warrior that he is, har har) amounts to "They'd never wear it in the leafy affluent suburbs."

I mean, it's true grin but you just don't expect to hear someone like him say it.

He is an odious git. If it wasn't for Blunkett and his mob and their actions in previous decades, perhaps Sheffield's decent schools would not all be located in the south-west and people from other areas wouldn't need to be "bussed" (and driven) to them - especially true for sixth-form...

drosophila Fri 28-Sep-07 23:50:16

Something for you to ponder I live in SW London and DS's school is 85% ethnic minority and the other main school which is about 10 mins away is almost a reversal 85% white British.

DS's school had 43% special needs and this other school 13%.

Any idea what has happened? I have a hunch.

drosophila Fri 28-Sep-07 23:53:08

Oh and 60 differeent languages in DS's school whereas 19 at this other school.

Tortington Sat 29-Sep-07 00:27:09

its education for the affluent - always will be - social mix my arse

hatwoman Sat 29-Sep-07 00:30:18

they tried this in Sheffield, I believe. and it didn;t work. he's from sheffield so perhaps he remembers

hatwoman Sat 29-Sep-07 00:31:36

blush didn;t see the article was about sheffield. I'm relaly sure they tried it in the 60s. mayne I was imagining it

UnquietDad Sat 29-Sep-07 10:53:53

They tried it in Bradford. I've only lived in Sheffield since 1994 so I don't know if it was done here.

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