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KS1 stage test results- teahcers, anyone else...

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Peachy Sun 23-Sep-07 16:12:15


This is an issue thata rose a while abck, but is havingeffects now.

BAsically ds1 has SN and cantr ead and write but he does have quite abhigh IQ- certainly abovce average. In his KS1 tests, teacher decided to upgrade him from his actual schore of 1 in everything, to a 2 'in light of effforta nd what he might have attained',

now I was a bit hmm at the time, but let it go as ds2 is now with this teacher and I didnt want to casue a fuss. However, ds1 has had a big meltdown week at school, and after 3 weeks of 2 levels classes its clear he isnt able to cope,a nd they're having to get some help in ASAP- in the meantime however he has collapsed emotionally and I know from experience that once he has colpased its very ahrd to get him back on track.

Now what i want to know, is should I complain about the upgrading? I feel sure t was done because the school is verya cademically orientated (has been a big issue for ds1 before) and they didn't like admitting to a level 1 score.

Now dh thinks I should go to ofsteed but I am worried about amking things awkward for ds2- ds2 is NT but ds3 is starting tehre sonn and has quite amrked sn.


peachygirl Sun 23-Sep-07 16:21:17

HI peachy
I think you probably should complain or ask for him to be assessed again.
NC assessment should be a 'best fit' and certainly in the MLD school where I work we have a rule of marking lower than higher even if we know a child may achieve higher.
Was it an overall assessment or assessment of an individual piece of work? As this can affect moderation. ie a chid may be capable of a higher level but score a lower one on a specific piece of work.
'Upgrading' a child gives a false image of that child and what they can or cannot achieve and causes problems when showing progression too.

NKF Sun 23-Sep-07 16:22:47

I think KS1 does have a teacher assessment element. I think you'd do better talking to the teachers about him rather than going to OFSTED. Good luck.

Whizzz Sun 23-Sep-07 16:25:42

I agree - it sounds as though you & the teachers / school need to work closely together to work out what's best for your DS. Does he have enough support at school, may be worth also including the TAs in the discussion (as a TA myself, I would appreciate being kept in the loop when issues arise)

Peachy Sun 23-Sep-07 16:26:59

He's in MS, although I ambeginning to thinks that may change at Junior level, had been rpepared for that at some point but more at secondary I thought.

It was a test scenario- all the kids did them over a week or two. Hvae spoken to new teachers who say ahs caused issue, but wary of qaffecting ds2 by going to old teacher (she's also senco so ahs a lot of input re ds3)

Peachy Sun 23-Sep-07 16:27:47

Oh he egts 1-1 at 10 hours, school said at the time fo his statement he was average in reading / writing so this is for behaviour reasons.

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