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Help dd 6 self motivation and self esteem at a all time low

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lexcat Fri 21-Sep-07 12:52:57

tried g and t with no luck so will try here(not that i think she is gifted she's just fast to learn.)
DD6 y2 is a bright able child and one of the top in her class. The only problem is she has no self motivation always does the the least work possible or it's not finished. Her teacher is always saying it's always the most able which are like that, and the bright ones work so hard, like they have something to prove.
How can I help her, as I worry because she see's the other children on her table been rewarded for there work, tells me she doesn't care, but then suddenly the mask cracks we have tears, don't like school and it's not fair. (Has happened before.)
Self esteem is at an all time low and she's not that happy. Just want to get her on the right track so she may start nuckling down so she can get the merit for she work she does. Plus hopefully give back some of her self esteem.
Please help if you can.

lexcat Fri 21-Sep-07 13:31:51


dolally Fri 21-Sep-07 13:31:55

lexcat, I'm not an expert but I just wonder if you can stand back a bit and see a bigger picture.

Can you try to build her self esteem (and consequently motivation) in another area? Sports, brownies, hobbies, pets, socially. Take the pressure off, let her find something that makes her happy, where she can just feel good about herself?

You say she's top of the class but she's not getting rewarded for her work.

The problem is she's clever but she doesn't think she's CLEVER ENOUGH? Is that it?

lexcat Fri 21-Sep-07 14:01:46

She does do lots of other things out side of school as she is a bright child I have always felt it is important to work on her other skills.
I try not to pressure her with school as she is ahead. But i get it in the neck for the school because she is not working to the best of her ability and because the teacher expects more from her. She gets no merit for the work she does done. ie last term (still in same class mixed years) she didn't often finish work and this term is finishing but mostly last. The teacher has told me this but dd is not credited for finishing instead it's well she need to do more and faster.

dolally Fri 21-Sep-07 14:19:56

then maybe the teacher ought to back off a bit...your dd's only 6 after all.

Can you ask her/him to try a different tactic to get better work out of dd? After all it's obvious this way isn't working..and actually having a detrimental effect on poor dd.

dolally Fri 21-Sep-07 14:26:45

am off to the supermarket now.

you'll probably get some more ideas later from the evening crowd!

lexcat Fri 21-Sep-07 14:32:05

thanks doally I was just started to come to that conclusion. The problem is not so much with my dd but the teacher. Maybe I need to have a word with her. As maybe your right that she is expecting to much of a young child.
As I do beleive thier is no point in pushing a bright child to much as their comes a point if they get to far ahead and will only get bored.

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