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can anyone help me about university transfer pleassssseeee

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omotunde Thu 20-Sep-07 13:37:07

I need to find out what university i can apply to that will allow me to do just one module and get a qualification for my nursing course. I completed my three years of training only to find out that i failed one module after resitting it. during my final resit, i had a miscarriage but did not tell anyone about it in uni but when i tried to request for another chance, i was told that i should have made the uni aware of this during the exam and not after. i was told to leave the course without any qualification. I've contacted several universities and they will not give me the chance to transfer to them and finish off my course. i don't even mind if i have to do 6months more than normal. As a single parent i struggled to make something of my life and now i feel like i've been denied the chance to have a future. if anyone can help me. sort something out or point me into the right direction, iwill appreciate it

Peachy Thu 20-Sep-07 13:44:57

Gosh, we're allowed to apply for exemption after the event- students with 9say) depression often need some time to get their heads around the fact they have a problem or just time to motivate themselves.

if you can get a list (I don't know how it works these days- used to be UKCC but is tit UCAS now for nursing as well as usual degrees?) of courses you could try a blanker e-mailing. If you don't get the result you want, have a think about how best you can use your module credits- you may fins that a related cours4e (eg social care) will allow you to transfer a number of those credits to their course, whihc may not be exactly what you want, but means you can move forwards.

omotunde Thu 20-Sep-07 13:56:27

thanx peachy, can i just ask you something, my university will not even me my transcript to present to other universities, I was told to get the university to request it directly from them. which i'm sure not one of them is prepared to do. there is a part of me that there is more to this story that i was not told. if only i can get my hands on it. i will know what exactly is going on.

Peachy Thu 20-Sep-07 14:39:17

I am pretty sure that its illegal (check this in the legal threads pehaps?) for them to hold data on you without you beng able to have a copy- so this shouldn't be an issue. Check it out first, but if needed request a copy of your file under data protection if needs be?

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