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Just had final answer from IPSEA re: ds3's school place

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Peachy Thu 13-Sep-07 17:28:37

Apaprently as the LEA accidentally oput the wrong palcement on the statement, the school can indeed reallocate his place to another child, the fact they agreed it is over ridden by thfact that they are outside the LEA and can do whatever they farking want.

So the Heads decision, which she will notify us of tomorrow, is final.

IPSEA suggest the mistake is why LEA were hurriedly mentioning Taxi as an option, and why they sudden,y turned up at a multi team meeting they were not expected at, en masse.

So now DS3 doesn't have a school palce as far as we know. I can guess what the answer will be by the fact Head actuallY HID from me as I walked apst after violin today!

What kind of a system is this, where a Head can randomly remove a school place from a child with severe SN, after offering it in writing and after term start, just because they change their mindsabout having a child with SN at that level? angry as long as the Church pays part of their annual costs (its the Church bit that exempts them from LEA rules- should emphasise ONLY school in ur catchment, no choice issues involved at all)

[angry, and sad for ds3 as he did Nursery there and will miss his classmates.

(peachy wanders off, fuming, into a corner to sulk)

ladygrinningsoul Thu 13-Sep-07 19:06:48

Oh poo, that is just terrible.

dustystar Thu 13-Sep-07 19:10:37

angry Thats terrible peachy -poor ds3

When ds first school were so crap with him I complained to the Diocese (its a catholic school). It might not change the Heads decision but I think you should make a complaint and send it to the LEA, your MP and whoever is the administrative body for the church your school belongs to.

Peachy Thu 13-Sep-07 19:20:42

Never thought of that- Church of Wales, might do that. if I did it as a joint letter of concern, I know several apents (all whose kids have had SN diagnosed whilst at the school) who would also like to sign it.

Am looking into accident book regs as well to make a complaint to Estyn as ds2 has yet again come home with a bruise after knocking into another kid, other kid was sent home with a potential head injury note- ds2 wasn't probably because they'd have to have spoken to me.

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