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Hulababy - You ok?

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ernest Thu 13-Sep-07 11:20:06

Just seen a female teacher killed in prison shock shock shock .

Of course thought of you immediately. Let us know you're ok?

coppertop Thu 13-Sep-07 11:40:27

Hula's further north IIRC but it must still be a shock.

nailpolish Thu 13-Sep-07 11:49:11

she very kindly sent me some wellies yesterday

isnt she also on sick leave just now?

MarinaLaPasionaria Thu 13-Sep-07 11:50:32

She's around and posting atm.
This awful event has happened at a prison in another part of the country

ernest Thu 13-Sep-07 12:21:39

really shocking. so glad it's not her, but even so, some poor family have had their wife/mother.. taken from them in shocking and brutal circumstances. Very sad

BobbyGrantycal Thu 13-Sep-07 12:24:13

she is fine
she is on sick leave for the moment followinf surgery

ChipButty Thu 13-Sep-07 12:35:41

I read that the body was found in the prison car park, so the poor lady wasn't actually killed in the prison. The news didn't make it clear whether she worked there or not.

Hulababy Thu 13-Sep-07 13:32:15

Hi, Just seen this, and the news.

I am fine yes. Not at work at the moment as I am on sick leave for a few weeks, following surgery.

This prison is further south from me IIRR. Oh, and I not yet 40! wink

It is very worying though. I am hoping that there is much more to the story. I guess more will come out eventually as to circumstances, etc. With not being at work I won't find out so much - will email colleague and she what she knows. We do have links with other prisons and with this prison too, as they also deal with adults and YO like us.

Hulababy Thu 13-Sep-07 13:33:02

ChipButty - from what I heard she was a teacher at the prison (similar to me in that respect) and had left work an hour early possibly.

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