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Sorry is this sounds like a silly question...but..

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Tiasmummy Wed 05-Sep-07 20:09:14

What is a one form entry school? What does it mean? I think I have heard of a two from entry school also....what exactly do these terms mean?

Thanks! :-)

MerlinsBeard Wed 05-Sep-07 20:12:04

1 class per year

gladbag Wed 05-Sep-07 20:12:44

It means that there is one class per year group - so one class of Reception, one class of Y1 etc etc. Two form entry just means that there are two classes per age group smile

Tiasmummy Wed 05-Sep-07 20:14:59

Oooohh!! Thanks so much :-) Seems so obvious when you explain it...(walks away sheepishly.....) Cheers.

Blandmum Wed 05-Sep-07 20:16:29

1 class per year. Two form entry would be two classes per year

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