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12+ maths

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miobombino Wed 05-Sep-07 09:29:18

Can anyone recommend a website or set of papers containing 12 or 13+ maths. My ds2 is going into y8 and will be sitting a pre test for the school he is aiming for when he takes Common Entrance this June. He needs a high enough mark in maths and English for them to consider his application further. Ds1 is already there and we'd like ds2 to follow. We have Athey Educational maths, but tbh it's more upper end of 11+ rather than 12+.

I also know that lots of schools (but not this one !) release past papers on the internet, but, errr, I'm not sure I'm up to working out all the answers in order to go through any of them with him.

So I need a publisher of questions and answers, or some guidance, please, as to what's out there on the internet.

Lilymaid Wed 05-Sep-07 09:35:19

One specimen paper & syllabus applicants are expected to have covered but no answers, I'm afraid.

miobombino Wed 05-Sep-07 15:55:52

Thanks Lilymaid; I've printed that off and will see how he goes ! If anyone has anything to add, I'd be grateful.

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