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One year in and I am already slacking!

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Hulababy Mon 03-Sep-07 18:02:03

DD is going into her second year at schhol. Just one year in and the difference in stunning ...

... in me!!!

Last year everything was nicely labelled, all hung up and ready days in advance.

I have just this last few minutes been and scrawled DD's name in the labels of some of her new kit, and I have just send DD into the kitchen to sharpen some coloured pencils for tomorrow's start. I had to search the utilty room, the laundry basket and the bottom of her wardrobe until I found her PE kit. One of her summer dresses has faint felt pen on it - I have refused to buy a new one, it'll be fine - they only wear the dresses till October anyway. Infact I have bought very little new unifrm stuff - new pumps, new ballet shoes, new leotard and that is it.

I still have to sew the elastics onto her new ballet shoes - argh!

And I have no idea where her nicely labelled snack box is. She'll have to have a snack bar instead I think.

What has happened to me? I was so organised last year! Can't believe just one year in and I am already slacking, lol.

Anyone else disorganisedly kind of ready for the new term?

TellusMater Mon 03-Sep-07 18:03:05

I think ds goes back tomorrow....

OrmIrian Mon 03-Sep-07 18:05:33

I still have some proper name tags from when DS#1 started nursery 8 yrs ago. And not because I cut them out and recycle them anymore.... blush I found out that you can write the names on the labels.

LIZS Mon 03-Sep-07 18:08:35

Well I 've just uncovered some of dd's new (2nd hand!) bits I've gradually amassed (netball kit - hmm where's the sweatshirt coem to think of it - cravat ! tracksuit) plus new long sleeved blouses ,all ready for naming tomorrow along with shoes , bags, trainers etc . ds has only got new trainers and pencil case so far this year , but will get a new jumper when term starts I think ! But we don't go back until Thursday so time yet !

Hulababy Mon 03-Sep-07 18:09:06

I am also relieved that the hospital gave me a sick note for this next week. Had completely forgotten that there would be no after school club on the first week and there would be no one to actually collect DD from school in the evening two days this week! Have never bee grateful for having to have this op before, lol!

Niecie Mon 03-Sep-07 18:12:07

I had to phone a friend at 8pm last night as I wasn't sure whether or not DS went back today or tomorrow. I was pretty sure all summer it was tomorrow but over the weekend I couldn't find a single thing with the start of term date written on it and I started to wonder. It seems the days of writing down important school stuff has gone. I think I can rely on my memory. If I had a memory I would realise this is not a good idea.grin

Thankfully it wasn't today as I haven't finished sewing in labels yet. And I promised myself I wouldn't let it come to this again. hmm

OrmIrian Mon 03-Sep-07 18:13:23

Outlook Express niecie! If it wasn't for that I'd still be taking them to school for the summer term.

Niecie Mon 03-Sep-07 18:18:52

Problem with Outlook Express is that it requires you to start the computer which inevitably leads to Hotmail, Ebay and MN! Therein lies the road to ruin!!

MaureenMLove Mon 03-Sep-07 18:19:30

Well, I started sewing the badge on dd's new blazer at about 8am this morning and I still haven't finished it! Its the only thing I've got left to do though and she doesn't start til Wednesday!

LIZS Mon 03-Sep-07 18:20:23

That's mad about the After School club Hula, ours has that even if no prep or clubs. Part of my concern with working is what to do when that sort of thing gets thrown into the mix or you have a last minute panic over kit or outings.

Smithagain Mon 03-Sep-07 18:25:41

I bought DD's badly-needed new plimsolls this morning (i.e. less than 24 hours before the start of the new term.) Lots of other harrassed-looking families in the shop, so we are certainly not the only ones.

Dug out her uniform this afternoon and was seriously blush about the stained, grey, creased state of her polo shirts. Will have to enforce continued summer dress wearing until it is cold enough to guarantee that she will keep her sweatshirt on grin

LIZS Mon 03-Sep-07 18:27:18

oh and found netball top (by sewing machine, awaiting labelling !) {mutters about why a 6 year old needs a netball sweatshirt as well as a tracksuit, and a pe kit}

Hulababy Mon 03-Sep-07 18:37:55

It isn't normally a problem for me Lizs as we don't use after school that much. Just remember others mentioning it before. But this week I was supposed to be going to a seminar on Wednesday and I wasn't sure if DD would be going to her friend's on Tuesday evening. Still, sick note for this week at least now so yeah grin

Hulababy Thu 06-Sep-07 22:21:46

I definitely failed! DD came home with her plimsolls in her satchel today. Apparantly they are too small and she needs new ones. Day 3 and I need to go shopping for new stuff!

Got some from Mothercare on way home - the velcro type. A bit big (size 12 and she is 11.5) but the velcro should keep them on - I hope. The size 11 (non velcro) ones were def too tight when I tried them.

HonoriaGlossop Thu 06-Sep-07 23:16:32

Another failure here; bought no new uniform, looked at ds in his trousers the day before and thought "nope, you can't see his ankles yet, they'll do fine".

Scrawled his name on his trousers in biro just before we left for school when I realised the iron on name tag had dropped off blush

Hope you're ok, Hula, sorry to hear you're having to have an op, best wishes to you.

Hulababy Fri 07-Sep-07 10:13:47

HonoriaGlossop - thanks. Had op last Friday, went well. Recovering fine now. Have a repeat op in 3 months.

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