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School uniform - where to buy wool blazer?

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mrsdarcy Wed 29-Aug-07 11:33:09

John Lewis don't have any. Everywhere else seems to have polyester ones and we need wool.

Any ideas?

SlightlyMadShockwave Wed 29-Aug-07 11:39:22

Independant uniform shop?

mrsdarcy Wed 29-Aug-07 11:43:28

I tried our local one and they didn't have any.

thanks though

I've always bought them from John Lewis in the past - own brand ones. But they haven't had any for ages. They are those lovely soft felty ones that make the scruffiest 7 year old boy look smart smile

alibubbles Wed 29-Aug-07 15:45:03

DD's ex bf's family own the biggest school outfitters in Herts. They supply all independent schools county wide and a lot of London ones too 01727 853262. They will post out same day. I used to buy the wool grey ones for my DS.

mrsdarcy Wed 29-Aug-07 18:50:21

Oooh, that's great to know - thank you smile

Just before your post, my local John Lewis called me to say that there was one available in one of their other shops, so I have ordered that one. I don't even want to know how much cheaper I could have bought it from your place in Herts!

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