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teaching times tables - help

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Mousie Tue 28-Aug-07 07:58:08

my dd - 6.5 is really strugglig with maths - i am trying to get her to learn her two five and ten times tables before term starts - and she just doesn't seem to get it... any suggestions as to best ways to proceed - the cd is chuntering on in the kitchen as i type! she is midly dyspraxic and may well be dyslexic which i am sure doesn't help...

chinwag Tue 28-Aug-07 08:59:17

I bought a times tables cd from Early learning which we found helpful; it puts them to music.

But don't be too hard on her, it's the holidays....wink

chocolateteapot Tue 28-Aug-07 09:03:20

This thread may help a little.

popsycal Tue 28-Aug-07 09:04:35

was going to post - but everything I was going to say, I posted on the thread that has just been linked

Mousie Tue 28-Aug-07 12:12:38

yes that thread great - thank you. lazy of me not to have found it earlier..

miljee Sat 01-Sep-07 20:12:07

Your dd is struggling with her times tables?? My ds, 6.5 can barely COUNT beyond 20! Maybe I need to be upping the ante, tbh!

RustyBear Sat 01-Sep-07 20:19:10

Thisis the program we use at our junior school - the kids love it. You can play online, but you get @For evaluation only' written across it, or you can download for £10 + vat
interactive resources do a lot of other good maths stuff too - click on the title right at the top.

snorkle Sun 02-Sep-07 00:35:04

dd finally learned her tables with great effort in year 6. Dyslexia can make the memorisation a whole lot harder than usual, so maybe don't worry too much just yet? Though I had pangs of worry that dd might not know them before starting senior school, I don't now think it did her much harm leaving them until later - she still managed a 5 on her SAT and is really quite good at more abstract maths, just not (until recently) basic arithmatic.

fairybit Sun 02-Sep-07 01:20:29

I don't think that she needs to know the times tables at 6.5!! There's so much to remember when chanting them (especially remembering which number you're at!!) She'll be fine if she can count in 2's just by adding on 2 each time, just saying 2, 4, 6, 8 etc. Same for the 5 and the ten instead of 2 zeros are zero, 2 ones are two etc. For the kids in my class, putting them to a little tune they already know really helps...and I'd leave the CD for now. It will just sound like a garbled bunch of numbers to her until she understands the concept of the tables fully.(and and 6.5 I wouldn't expect that)

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