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Need help for website celebrating children's spontaneous writing

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BathshebaE Thu 16-Aug-07 16:38:24

Hi Mumsnetters
I really need your help. Have you got funny, wonderful little notes your children have 'sent' you when they are angry, sad or just full of love for you?

I have started a blog of children's notes (usually to parents). At the mo, most of the contributions are from my own family (actually one of my daughters). However, I really want it to be opened out to everyone!

Come on gals (and guys) - you must have something you've stuffed away in a file somewhere... Just put it on the scanner, make a jpeg and send to

My plan is to get an educational charity on board (maybe something like the Dahl Foundation which works to promote literacy or something similar) and maybe do a book.
I just think that the brilliance and wit of children's creativity is sometimes lost in the whirl of targets and SATs. Plus I love the notes as artefacts.
The address is

Caroline1852 Thu 16-Aug-07 16:54:05

My son received a boomerang from my sister who lives in Oz as a birthday present. Unfortunately the boomerang arrived broken. I told him to write to her and thank her and we would sort out a replacement boomerang that was not broken. His note reads (I have kept it)
Dear Auntie, Thanks for the boomerang or should I say two half boomerangs that arrived for my birthday. I suspect it was one boomerang when you sent it and wonder if you think the Australian postman did it or the English postman. Whose fault do you think it is that I have two half boomerangs that will never come back to me? Mum says not to worry because she will get me a boomerang in England but Monty P has an English boomerang that throws well but has never once come back to him.
Love from George

BathshebaE Thu 16-Aug-07 17:31:40

That sounds brilliant, Caroline1852. How old is he and what is his name? Can you scan it and send it as a jpeg? We can continue this discussion via the email address: Drop me a line there.
Make sure you check out the blog ( as you must be happy with it before you send (and all feedback welcome).
I will never include full names (only first names and ages - no location details except countries if relevant).
Thank you for suggesting this...

HonoriaGlossop Thu 16-Aug-07 18:22:38

Bathsheba that is such a lovely, lovely idea. So much of dealing with kids nowadays seems to be stuffing them into little neat 'boxes' and expecting them to do structured stuff. it's great to hear of something celebrating children's own thoughts and ideas.

Ds not writing yet, i will be in touch when he is!

BathshebaE Thu 16-Aug-07 18:43:05

Thank you, Honoria... Pass the word on to your friends who have children who write. What do you think of the site? I am conscious it needs a bit of design work, but do you find it clear and easy to get around and is there anything you would do differently? Interested to hear your views.

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