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Yarm School vs Teesside High School

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MFLdad27 Sun 29-Sep-19 18:13:23

Yesterday my partner and I visited Yarm School and Teesside High School for their open mornings. People have told us we will get a feel for the school that is right for us but we loved them both! We really cannot choose!

While both schools have very good results, our number one priority is that our little one really enjoys his time at the school that we eventually decide to send him to rather than his academic achievement.

Yarm offers so much in terms of clubs and extra-curricular activities- we’re sure he’d be able to discover new hobbies that he’d love! However, Teesside High seemed a bit more personal to us- the classes were smaller and it had a real family feel.

Does anyone have any experience with either of these schools? We still have a few months before we need to apply for a place in nursery but we’d like to make a decision soon- if only to stop torturing ourselves!

m2016 Sun 17-Nov-19 20:21:25

I have experience of both schools and without any hesitation I would recommend Teesside High over Yarm. Yarm is a very big school which has a very business feel with big class sizes. However, Teesside High is a school where all children are known by all staff. The staff are exceptional and really care for the children. Teesside also offers outstanding extra curriculum provision which starts from nursery. It is a wonderful school which most definitely follows it’s motto ‘Education as it should be’. Good luck with making your decision, I hope this helps.

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