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Copy of Y1 Curriculum

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KW89 Fri 27-Sep-19 23:53:28

Hi, does anyone know where I can find a copy of what children are being taught in year 1, and what they have to do to be meeting 'expected' or 'exceeding' levels? I had reception last year, but can't find Y1 anywhere! Thanks.

spanieleyes Sat 28-Sep-19 17:22:56

You will find the programmes of study in the National Curriculum ( Only english and maths are split into year groups, the rest into key stages ( so Yr 1/2, 3/4, 5/6)
You will NOT find expected and exceeding level descriptors for Year 1, there's no such thing because , after Reception, statutory assessments are only made in years 2 and 6. Schools might make up their own versions for interveening years but there is no "true" version

KW89 Sun 29-Sep-19 13:13:40

That's brilliant thankyou, I'll have a read x

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