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Macmillan coffee morning

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darkcloudsandrainstorms Thu 19-Sep-19 01:19:54

What is the best way to serve a lot of people tea and coffee at a large centre we are doing this from.

staedtlerpencil Thu 19-Sep-19 01:57:52

Nice but hard work way - lots of coffee (cafetières) and teapots. Selection of teabags and some proper coffee.

Easy but industrial way - hire big urns. Instant coffee.

Has the centre done anything similar before? They may have the equipment.

darkcloudsandrainstorms Fri 20-Sep-19 00:42:03

Yes I’ve got the coffee urns. The tea is an urn of hot water plus tea bags. Last year we made the tea but this year I think we will just put the hot water in a cup and add a teabag in it and let them do the rest. There will be a lot of people milling around hopefully.

Thank you.

TeenPlusTwenties Sun 22-Sep-19 16:20:54

Airpots are helpful as they push the water out faster than half empty urns.
A separate table for people to self serve milk and sugar.

With this system (Airpots & urn) we can serve 100 people in about 10-15 frantic minutes in intervals at school shows.

darkcloudsandrainstorms Sun 22-Sep-19 21:00:44

Thank you. I think we were trying to do too much last year on a single large table. This year I will organise another separate table. We also ran out of cups plates and hot water.

TeenPlusTwenties Sun 22-Sep-19 21:14:01

The separate table for DIY mile and sugar really helps as it:
a) means you aren't faffing asking how much milk etc
b) gets them away from your serving point so you can serve others
You can also have a teabag disposal dish there too.

darkcloudsandrainstorms Fri 27-Sep-19 23:11:25

Knackered !

Thanks. Took your advice. Went well.

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