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Explain UK Primary / Secondary system to me please!

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Budababe Sat 28-Jul-07 11:06:04

I thought secondary school started with Year 7?

It certainly does at the British international school that DS now attends. And I seem to remember threads on here about Yr 7 and transition to secondary.

But DH (who is British) reckons it starts at 13.

We are looking at a school in Somerset for DS when he is older and we are (hopefully) finished moving around and their system goes Pre-prep, Prep and School and Prep goes up to age 13.

Anyone able to explain?

chocolateteapot Sat 28-Jul-07 11:11:37

Some parts of Somerset are different and they start Upper school at 13. There's lower school for reception to year 4. Middle school years 5 to 8, then upper school from year 9.

We also have the three tier system where I am so I'm little bit hazy but I think most of the secondary schools in the two tier system start at Year 7 as you said.

chopchopbusybusy Sat 28-Jul-07 11:11:51

Depends on the area you are in. Most state secondary schools do begin with year 7. DD1s starts with year 9 and I know of some others which are yr8. I don't know about private schools.

Vinegar Sat 28-Jul-07 11:15:51

Most state schools start at year 7. Some areas have primary schools followed by middle school, students at middle school would stay on till they are 12. Most private girls schools are only upto year 6, as most private girls secondary schools start at year 7. However, boys private schools have the option of them staying on till 13. Some boys private schools start at year 7, but others(like Harrow/Eton) only take them when they are 13, hence them staying on longer at primary school.

LIZS Sat 28-Jul-07 11:15:59

It varies most areas transfer in state sector from primary to secondary at 11(end of Year 6), but some others may be a year later. Infants to Juniors is end of Year 2, aged 7+. Private schools differ - Pre Prep to Prep at end of Year 2 or occasionally Year 3 , Prep to Secondary end of Year 8 (aged 13) although many private Secondary schools(usually girls or mixed) also take them from 11 now, especially if they have their own Prep Department feeding through. hth

islandofsodor Sat 28-Jul-07 11:33:17

Pretty much what everyone else has said. Secondary starts at 11 (yr7) except for some private schools start at 13 (yr9) and some areas who still have the old middle school system but this is being phased out in alot of places.

Budababe Sat 28-Jul-07 12:26:15

Thanks all. Think I've got it now!

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