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'It's your Move" Anyone's dcs get this book?

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katelyle Sat 21-Jul-07 08:49:34

My year 6 dd went to a "moving on"workshop at school last week.She came home enthusing about it - they played team building games and talked about their fears and so on. I was pleased that the school arranged this.I asked her who the people doing it were and she didn't know. Then this morning, I looked at the book she got, and discovered that it was published by the Scripture Union, and had a very strong but subtle evangelical message "I am going to a big school with lots of new faces. I don't need to worry because Jesus is always with me" and lots more like this. There are references to God on more than half the pages. Am I being unreasonable to object to this? The school is a state one, but not a church one.

katelyle Sat 21-Jul-07 13:22:21


ladygrinningsoul Sat 21-Jul-07 13:31:24

I would be furious and kicking up a huge stink with the governors! It's basically evangelical propaganda. Was the workshop optional? Did the school send out any information about it beforehand? What did they do about children of other religions, did they get the book as well?

katelyle Sat 21-Jul-07 13:49:47

Not optional, no prior consultation but the children were told there was a book they could have if they wanted one. Of course they all did take one!

I am canvassing opinions before I write to the governors - glad the first comment agrees with me!!!

Smithagain Sat 21-Jul-07 19:53:14

I am a Christian and I know of this book. I'd be quite happy for my children to get it, but I would expect them to get it through church, rather than school.

I'm surprised that a non-church school is giving it out. I think they should have been up front about who was running the workshop and that it had a Christian focus. Possibly there should have been an opt-out similar to that for assemblies, RE etc.

For comparison, I run a holiday club for our churches, which we advertise in the local (church) school. As a matter of principle, we are very up front with the parents and children that the activities are based around Bible stories and the Christian elements are part of the deal. I want them to know what they are coming to!

katelyle Sat 21-Jul-07 21:38:49

Thank you smithagain - I respect your position and I think that's how it should be done. Anyone else?

aintnomountainhighenough Sat 21-Jul-07 21:51:25

My DD will be going to the local school, it is a church school. It is our local school and I wouldn't not send her there just because it is a church school however I am hoping that there isn't too much churchy stuff afterall first and foremost it is a local school. However regardless of whether the school is a church school or not I would expect to be told about this and would be furious if I were in your position!

katelyle Sat 21-Jul-07 21:57:13

What upsets me is that is such a good idea for them to have a workshop like this, and it really got dd thinking. I thought it was very thoughtful of the school to provide it. But there must surely be organizations that can do this sort of thing without suggesting that if you lose your locker keys you shoud ask Jesus to help you find them (I exagerate - but only slightly) Another choice quote "Ian thought that knowing Jesus would be important if he was bullied because Jesus would know what was going on even if other people didn't believe him"

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