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early learning goals and stepping stones

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pinkmook Sat 07-Jul-07 09:01:09

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone would be able to helpme interpret my sons end of reception year report?

We have received no explanation of how to do this from the school and told that there is a non compulsory chnace to chat to the teacher after school next week (so it will be a free for all and no real chance to ask in depth what it means!)

Basically he it says in most sections that he has "acheived both the stepping stones and early learning goals" BUT in three parts ("Disposition and attitudes", "language for communication and thinking" and "writing")it states he has only achieved the stepping stones. Now from what little info I could find on the internet about this, it appears that he should have acheived ALL the early learning goals not just stepping stones unless he is SEN or was particularly young (he's not - actually he is the oldest in the class!).

Should I be worried? I repeatedly expressed concerns to the teachers about his inability to sit still and persevere with a task or listen to whats being said and was told it was all fine but yet now this is being (I feel) reflected in his report....if it had been taken seriously maybe both teachers and me could have made more effort to resolve these issues???

Does he have real problems not being able to reach these goals by the end of reception?

Please help!

Boco Sat 07-Jul-07 09:06:43

My dd in her end of reception class got lots of stepping stones - but I hadn't even heard of early learning goals.

The ones she didn't get are so arbitrary as to not mean much at all. Her teacher told me that some of the children got a couple of early learning goals, but usually the older ones - and that no one would get all of them unless they were super super bright. My dd is on track -, certainly got no Special needs. Your son sounds like he's doing brilliantly.

pinkmook Sat 07-Jul-07 09:10:28

I hope so Boco! maybe I am interpreting it wrong...this is why Ifeel some explanation should have been sent with the report or a proper appointment with the techer to discuss.

LIZS Sat 07-Jul-07 09:34:09

The top level (9) is the level for early year 1 ie. exceeding the expectations for their age, so anything approaching that is fine. There was a similar thread a few days back with links to explain the Foundation Stage criteria - it covers from aged 3 to end of Reception.

LIZS Sat 07-Jul-07 09:36:39

Other thread

pinkmook Sat 07-Jul-07 09:45:56

Thanks LIZS, there were no scores on his though but I guess as he only got stepping stones on those 3 areas I mentioned then that is the equivalent of a "3". This is quite bad isn't it?

Is it normal to get some 3's?

zephyrcat Sat 07-Jul-07 10:03:48

Hiya - I haven't had a look through the othre thread yet but when dd was at her previous school at the start of reception, her report was based on a 'points' system and she did very well and was down as 'above average'. She's just had her end of reception report from her new school and doesn't have points. She got 'stepping stones' for everything and early learning for only 3 sections. I preferred the points system - it's interesting to see how much two schools differ their reports of her!

pinkmook Sat 07-Jul-07 10:19:24

Hi Zephyrcat,

I think a points system would be easier to sons teachers said at every parents evening he was above average but when we get to end of year we have this - only stepping stones on 3 areas! Very confusing

catesmum Sat 07-Jul-07 21:37:33

our dd1 has just come to the end of reception ad so had a report like this. It went through each of the 6 areas of learning and mentioned the stepping stones in each the bottom it says that she either achieved the early learning goal and is ready for Key stage 1, or that she achieved the goal and was working at Key stage 1 the bottom it said that it was perfectly normal for a large number of children to still be working towards their early learning goals as they entered Year 1 and it is nothing to worry about

loopybear Sun 08-Jul-07 20:05:28

Stepping stones are basically levels within an area. For example reading Starts at shows an interest in books. (eg picks books up and looks at pictures even if it's upside down!) and grey is basically reading simple books (not exact wording but that's a watered down version) The Foundation stage profile has points attached but don't get too hooked into these there are 9 statements within each Area you can tick them off in any order of achievement for 1-8 but you have to have 1-8 to get a 9. It's a bit complicated but it all makes sense. In an ideal world all children should be working within grey when they start year 1 but in reality many children are working within Green to grey. ANd lots of things influence it. E.g. how many term in Year R, birthday, new siblings etc. I'd personally only worry if my DD only achieved in the buff band. She's born on 30 Aug.

pinkmook Tue 10-Jul-07 15:28:43

Right I have studied it more carefully now and the way the teacher has worded it made me think he had ONLY achieved the stepping stones in 3 areas. To clarify, 10 of the 13 sections said "x has acheievd both the stepping stones and early learning goals" while 3 out 13 said"x has acheived the stepping stones" when I found the explanation (on theinternet!) of the items 1-9 in each area it became clear(as the items were cut and pasted from the Early learning profile) that in those 3 areas he had achieved the stepping stones and SOME of the ELG's! (lowest was 5 points) so he's actually doing fine!! Phew end of panic...I just wish they would explain it in a letter attached to the report or something then I wouldn't have been so worried - I honestly thought he musn't have achieved any of the ELG's in the 3 areas as it only said "stepping stones achieved!! :-) Thanks everyone for your replies. x

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