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Teaching Assistant Interview tomorrow - What questions might i get asked/scenarios etc?

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jellyjelly Tue 03-Jul-07 16:51:37

I am working at the school that i am interviewing for (they want both external people - which i am classed asand internal candidates which have had a one yr contract and will go perm). I am really nervous as i dont know what to expect or what scenarios they could ask me about.

I know they ask about who is in control of their own behaviour and what if no one came to a lesson but dont know what else they could ask about.

Please help.

jellyjelly Tue 03-Jul-07 16:52:13

It special needs and not sure what questions i should ask them normally its easy as you havent worked there.

Whizzz Tue 03-Jul-07 17:02:24

Hi, I'm a TA & if I remember rightly I had questions on : what would you do if a child asked to tell you something in confidence (child protection issues), strategies if there was an unruly pupil disrupting the class, you notice a child who looks bored, could you stand up & talk in front of the class, What would you do if a parent approached you and asked about the learning and or behaviour of a child? ,What qualities do you have that would benefit this school?

jellyjelly Tue 03-Jul-07 17:17:22

Child protection i guess you explain that you will listen but you will have to not keep it a secret?? Have done cp and that was covered but long time ago.

I know my qualities that i bring.

The bored child i would go over and talk too and get them to do the work.

Can work in front of a class - Have done telling the time to 13-14 yr olds.

Not sure about the parents but i think i would maybe suggest booking an appointment with teacher that will know more about it (I work with lots of groups at the moment) so not sure if that is correct??

Can you think of anything else?

Whizzz Tue 03-Jul-07 17:24:30

With the bored child - also find out why they are 'bored' (work too easy, they are stuck, dont understand etc)

other stuff - what experience do you have of SEN / Key stage ..? How do you see the role of a TA in relation to the role of teacher ?

Is the job in a primary or secondary school ?

jellyjelly Tue 03-Jul-07 20:59:33

The job could be anywhere in the schol they run from 2 yrs to 19 yrs. Have done secondary so far.

I see the role of being a ta to help the teacher in anything they need and also to be an extra pair of hands and to help all the students when or if they require it.

jellyjelly Tue 03-Jul-07 21:01:17

my pc is going to go off line soon but will check again in the morning so any help is very much apprecaited.

The interview is at 1 tomorrow and i find out on Friday.

Whizzz Wed 04-Jul-07 15:49:54

Sorry didn't get back on here last night - how did it go ??

jellyjelly Wed 04-Jul-07 17:39:06

IT went. ok and i shall find out by the weekend.

Will keep you posted. thanks all

CaptainUnderpants Wed 04-Jul-07 17:55:11

The new Early Years Foundation Satge that will come in in September 2008 which incorpoartes Birth to Three matters and the current foubndation stage.

although not in ubntil next years training will start on it in September .

if they dont ask you , you could ask about it in 'any questions ' whether you will have the training etc


CaptainUnderpants Wed 04-Jul-07 17:56:04

oops sorry din't see that you had the interview , hope it went OK

jellyjelly Thu 05-Jul-07 17:31:51

I bloody got it.!!!!!!!

Whizzz Thu 05-Jul-07 17:34:28

Well bloody done

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