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Anyone with any experience of a Y2 child learning more than one instrument?

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marialuisa Sat 30-Jun-07 18:52:31

DD (6, just finishing Y1) has been playing the violin since Jan and has done ok with it. our local music shop has a special offer on pianos which would enable her to have a piano "free" for 6 months. DD is keen to give it a go but I'm worried it will all get too much and if we should wait until Y3 before letting her start a second instrument (assuming she's still keen). Does anyone have any experience of a younger child learning multiple instruments? The only extra activity she does oustide school is swimming but I work f/t and we don't usually get home until 5pm and homework starts in Y2.


plowder Sat 30-Jun-07 20:46:17

My DD plays 2 instruments Piano and Guitar, she is now yr 7, and has been playing them since yr 2, she has a lot more homework now than in yr 6, life was easier when she was in primary school. We have always practised one instrument just after breakfast before leaving for school, and one just in that 15 mins before tea. This was dd's choice of how she would organise her practices when she decided to do piano as well as guitar.

londongirl1 Sun 01-Jul-07 07:21:00

My Y3 DD plays piano and violin. This is what she says ... "I like playing the violin and piano; the violin because if I am poor I can play to get money. I like playing the piano because it's fun! You should play one instrument in the morning at 7.30 before school. Don't watch too much TV because you have to play your other instrument at 4.30 after school." Mum writing now; with homework and other activities, it is a big commitment, and often we don't play both on each day, but alternate them. She was the one who wanted to play the piano too -- and as we had an instrument already, I gave in!!!

Judy1234 Sun 01-Jul-07 12:08:11

Our older three all learned the piano from their father plus one instrument at school plus also did singing exams.If you want them to try for music scholarships at 11 then they need at least 2 instruments but also they feed off each other and help th eother instrument and can be fun. I certanily agree with lg that it's commitment to practise which is hard. 3 children for us with 2 instruments (plus sometimes the singing) could in theory mean 9 music practices an evening (3 x 3) then they did music theory too as they got to age 11 and needed to grade 5 theory.

marialuisa Sun 01-Jul-07 18:36:50

Thanks for the replies. We think we are going to give a second instrument a whirl. It's the practice thing that bothers me most, but we'll see.

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