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Summer Holidays are here at last!

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bobsmum Fri 29-Jun-07 16:34:38

Ds is off nursery.

Starts primary school in a matter of weeks.

What should we do to make the most of his last proper holidays?

When should we bite the bullet and go uniform shopping?

Why is my baby about to start school anyway?

Ladymuck Fri 29-Jun-07 16:40:10

More importantly, when will summer arrive!

Enjoy plenty of lazy days would be my top tip. Forget about school until the last possible moment.

wheresmysuntan Fri 29-Jun-07 16:45:29

What happened to the hot summer all the papers were talking about?
Agree - have as lazy a time as possible - but maybe buy uniform early as there is usually a bun-fight during the hols and there's still a few weeks before the schools break up.

bobsmum Fri 29-Jun-07 17:42:47

Nope - schools are off here already

Back to school on the 20th August.

Hulababy Fri 29-Jun-07 17:51:13

Enjoy the summer - I am assuming it will start soon!

DD breaks up in two weeks, and I am only working one day a week in the holidays, so looking forward to then.

DD only started this past year and it has gone so quick!

tuppy Fri 29-Jun-07 17:54:45

I bought next year's winter uniform for dd today. Took 5 minutes. Can't bear the end of August rush, which for me is pretty bad (4 pairs of new shoes, assorted trainers, football boots etc which CAN'T be bought yet alas).

bobsmum Fri 29-Jun-07 17:55:48

I just read that ds needs trainers as well as gym shoes. Plus hideous proper school shoes. My wee boy is all growned up.

muppetgirl Fri 29-Jun-07 17:59:27

When the summer starts...
Can you go to the seaside?
Go out in a rowing boat?
Make a piece of art for the house and get it framed?
Camp out in a tent?

All things I would love to do with my ds 3 but haven't got round to it yet.

am assuming you're in scotland.....?

bobsmum Fri 29-Jun-07 18:02:16

Seaside - yes - we're off to the seaside for a fortnight
Rowing boat - yes - we live on the shores of a Loch!
Art - great idea with the framing - ds is finally holding a pencil properly so I might get something worth keeping
Tent - um....we've got a gazebo?

Yes - in Bonny scotland

muppetgirl Fri 29-Jun-07 18:03:55

it's jsut things like that that are out of the ordinary that they might rememeber. and you certainly will...

what about pick your own?
We did that and i remember being covered in strawberries on a really hot day!

Tamum Fri 29-Jun-07 18:05:34

We have celebrated by having lunch at Luca's along with half the population of Edinburgh and then buying Dr Who action figures inlcuding Martha, which was apparently a bit of a coup. I do hope the weather improves soon...

bobsmum Fri 29-Jun-07 18:06:02

There's a pick your own about 45 mins away - that would be a good one. Not sure how much would actually make it into a punnet though!

DrunkenSailor Fri 29-Jun-07 18:08:09

Message withdrawn

muppetgirl Fri 29-Jun-07 18:08:40

I know!!! My dad always said it should be a weigh in of the children not the fruit!

roisin Fri 29-Jun-07 18:20:48

I can't wait. We've got nearly 3 weeks left, but then I'm off all summer with the boys ... YIPPEE!

muppetgirl Fri 29-Jun-07 18:40:33

I think when ds1 goes to nursery school in sept for 4 days (till 2:50)i think it will do us both good and i'll look forward to the hoildays.

we are very similar and are starting to wind each other up!

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