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DD - moving into Y2 next year - being separated from all but one of her friends.

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JonesTheSteam Thu 28-Jun-07 16:49:28

Very complicated situation. Will try to explain myself.

DD is going into a Y2 class next year. She has been in a class with the same group of girls since nursery - there are 9 of them.

Now 7 girls are being put into a Y1/Y2 mixed class and DD and one other are being put in a Y2 class.

There are several other girls from her current class going to the same class, but they were in a different nursery and reception class and DD doesn't really seem to spend that much time with them. There are about 6 of them and during the year, she's barely mentioned them TBH.

Those 6 are basically going to be back in with the same children they were in with in nursery and reception.

I haven't been to see the head yet, only found out about it last night, and I'm pretty sure he will not bend on any point, as the criteria seems to be age. But it seems so unfair to just move 2 girls.

At the moment I'm torn between being absolutely livid and upset.

LIZS Thu 28-Jun-07 16:53:14

I suspect you'll find she'll get over it quicker than you and at ours they mix them up for spelling and games in year 2 anyway plus activities in breaks. dd's Reception class were remixed into Year 1 last year and she had only 2 girls move with her - it has been fine and good socially tbh. We'll see if they keep the status quo for Year 2 next Wednesday - the children know first.

slayerette Thu 28-Jun-07 16:55:53

I would wait and see what the head says before getting too upset. At our school (admittedly a secondary so more classes available), we do listen to parents who are anxious about where their child has been placed and try to make changes if we can, so at least put your dd's case to him and see what he can suggest.

JonesTheSteam Thu 28-Jun-07 17:00:31

This happened with a child in DD's nursery class. When they went into reception the child was placed in the other class. It went purely on age. But it didn't seem so bad when they were 4.

Head did not budge then when the parents asked him, so can't see him changing his mind now TBH.

Really would like to voice my concerns anyway, even if it doesn't achieve anything.

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