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noddyholder Thu 28-Jun-07 12:05:29

I had long suspected ds is dyspraxic and he ahs now been assessed by the school ed psych and we have the meeting today to ask any questions.I am mainly concerned about how this will affect him as an adult tbh so my questions are mainly in that area.What else should I ask?

frances5 Thu 28-Jun-07 13:00:11

I think a lot depends on how much help he gets now. My little boy has been refered to an occupational therapist and is on school action. His writing is improving rapidly and he is academically doing well.

My brother is severely dyspraxic. At the age of 30 his writing is every bit as bad as my five year old son's. He is stuck working as a labourer because of a lack of academic qualifications. My brother can read reasonally well, but unfortunate he is held back by an inablity to write.

Sadly my parents refused all help for my brother and stuck their head in the sand.

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