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Reading to children

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katelyle Thu 28-Jun-07 10:28:54

As a follow up to the other thread, when do people stop reading to their children? Mine are 11 and 6 and still both have a story every night.

PestoMonster Thu 28-Jun-07 10:32:43

I don't know. I still read to mine (10 & 8 - tomorrow) every night. We all thoroughly enjoy it. I work my way through lots of my own childhood books that my Mum kept for me in her loft. It is great, because most of them are out of print now, and I wouldn't have wanted to have to re-buy them anyway.

frances5 Thu 28-Jun-07 10:39:26

I will stop reading to my son when he asks me to stop. Its a wonderful time of day and we can discuss any worries he has.

My son can read quite well, but sometimes he is tired and its nice for him to be read to.

katelyle Thu 28-Jun-07 11:22:42

I dread my dd deciding she doesn't want me to read at bed time any more, but I also want her to be able to stop it when she wants to. Every now and again I suggest it, and furtunately every time the suggestion has been greeted with outrage. Sooner or later though......and I will weep buckets!

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Thu 28-Jun-07 11:34:31

DD1 is 12 now, and reads to herself every night, but I did read to her up to the age of 11. However, that was more for my benefit than hers because I managed to get my hands on a book I had loved as a girl and wanted to read it over again!

I read regularly to her until the age of about 10, as my mum used to with me

RosaLuxembourg Thu 28-Jun-07 11:45:51

I read to DD2 who is seven every night and DD1 (9) quite often listens in. I read specifically to her a couple of times a week - what most often happens is I will read a couple of chapters of a book and then she will get impatient and go off and finish it by herself.

lexcat Thu 28-Jun-07 12:34:48

DD 6 started reading more to herself and lost intrest in storys been read to her. that was just before her 6th birthday. I think as they become free readers they are happier to read to them self.
I still do read to her sometimes, but it hard work as she reads a head in her head and then complains that I'm to slow.
I have to say I miss the bed time story as she read it to herself now.

Marne Thu 28-Jun-07 12:37:22

I read to dd1 evry night (she's only 3) but at the moment she preferes to read to me. I will read to her until she tells me to stop.

bozza Thu 28-Jun-07 12:47:57

DS is 6 and can read but he really does still like his bedtime story. I think it is partly because it is a special, snuggly time with one or other parent and no little sister.

portonovo Thu 28-Jun-07 13:37:40

As an everyday thing, probably about age 10 although all 3 of mine have been reading very competently since an early age.

However, very occasionally even now one or other of the children will ask if we can have a story together, and the other 2 often hang around for it! It was lovely sitting reading Jane Austen to my 14 year old daughter - she has read Jane Austen books herself, but still wanted us to share it together.

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