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Moving to Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire, need to find out where the good lower schools are?!?!?

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Taistar Sun 24-Jun-07 23:09:12

HI we're moving to Beds area, Sandy, Henlow, Potton, Biggleswade. Haven't bought yet so will consider other areas if anyone knows the good schools near these areas.Does anyone know where the good lower schools are in these areas and what childcare is available?!? Would also like a catholic school but they seem few and far between up there?! Grateful for any info.
Thanks :O

IdrisTheDragon Mon 25-Jun-07 11:22:30

We live in Henlow and although DS isn't at school yet, he will be going to the village Lower School. We are very happy with what we have seen so far (have been into the school for village fetes etc) and have seen lots of children playing in village park etc.

The school also got a very good Ofsted report recently .

I think that Bedfordshire in general does a once a year entry in September, but the school in Henlow does a three times a year entry with tyeh children starting part time (mornings only) the term after they are 4 and then starting full time the term they have their 5th birthday.

DS is currently at the village pre-school (which we also really like) and will be there until December as he will start at school in January 08.

As far as childcare goes, DS and DD go to a lovely pair of childminders in the village, but I know there are other childminders. There is a nursery in Arlesey I think and also ones in Letchworth and Hitchin which are both near train stations. Not sure of other ones in Bedfordshire though.

HTH (for Henlow anyway ).

mum2sons Mon 25-Jun-07 11:27:36

Hi, All saints in Clifton is excellent. The middle schools here are good too: Henlow Middle is v good and so is Robert Bloomfield in Shefford. We are soooo lucky here in the villages with excellent schools. Good luck!

IdrisTheDragon Mon 25-Jun-07 11:30:41

I am glad to hear that Henlow Middle School is good too .

mum2sons Mon 25-Jun-07 18:47:43

I have been really impressed with Henlow Middle. The head is very passionate about his school and a v good leader. My DS1 is there in year 7 and has some lovely friends and the thing that I have liked most about the school is that they are very hot on instilling good values and have strong anti bullying proceedures. The teachers all seem happy and stay there forever.

Taistar Sat 30-Jun-07 13:29:13

does anyone know what the lower schools are like in Sandy or Arseley and anything about Catholic schools in the area?

Gig Sun 01-Jul-07 14:55:43

Don't know about Catholic Schools in Beds, but there is Our Lady's in Hitchin, and John Henry Newman secondary in Stevenage.
If you have any choice about Beds or Herts, I'd say go for Herts as the Girls and Boys schools in Hitchin (secondary) come out with good results- Hitchin Girls is one of the best non selective comps in the country.

littlelapin Sun 01-Jul-07 14:57:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Sun 01-Jul-07 14:59:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Taistar Sun 01-Jul-07 20:42:04

littlelapin.... whats wrong with Arseley???
(not sure I like it anyway!!- not much there - seems like communter heaven fast train into Kings X)....

Lio Sun 01-Jul-07 20:46:13

Erm, because it starts with arse, Taistar

Anyway, isn't is Arlesey?

Taistar Sun 01-Jul-07 20:49:20

HI Littlelapin, is st Hughs and Edmunds a private school, very posh website!

Taistar Sun 01-Jul-07 20:50:15

indeed it is Lio, but I'm not from around the area so never get the spelling right!!

rantinghousewife Sun 01-Jul-07 20:53:27

No catholic schools in biggleswade. St Andrews lower is a church vc school and my experience is that they are pretty good. There's Southlands at the other end which has outstanding ofsted reports.

rantinghousewife Sun 01-Jul-07 20:54:30

It's Arlesly dahling

Lio Sun 01-Jul-07 20:56:04

Arlesly is hard to say. I might revert to Arseley

rantinghousewife Sun 01-Jul-07 20:57:57

Sorry meant Arlesey(duh). See even I can't get it right

rantinghousewife Sun 01-Jul-07 21:00:03

And Potton lower is supposed to be v. good but they don't take children until 5, most of the younger ones go to Dunton or somesuch until then.

Taistar Sun 01-Jul-07 21:23:01

Ranting... do you have a link to the southlands report or potton lower, as I can't find anything on Ofsted!
I can't work out where the good areas are in Mid Bedfordshire...and as I don't know anyone its hard to find out areas and good schools!

rantinghousewife Sun 01-Jul-07 21:26:05

Have a friend who's dd goes to Southlands, I could get a copy of the ofsted for you, if you'd like. The same with the Potton one.

Taistar Sun 01-Jul-07 21:28:31

Ranting. that would be great
Do you know which is the nicer, nicest area to live in, as we haven't bought yet

Taistar Sun 01-Jul-07 21:31:35

ops forgot thats on a different thread. We live in London at the moment and are looking to move up to Mid Bed as I will be working in Letchworth, DH will be going to Kings Cross everyday. Poor me will have to find schools and childcare up here

rantinghousewife Sun 01-Jul-07 21:32:55

You might find Biggleswade a bit, hmm(what's the word), not very exciting. Predicitably this is where I am!! Potton is very pretty, quite georgian although it has a largish traveller population. Henlow quite nice, clifton too. Southill is quaint and v. small.

rantinghousewife Sun 01-Jul-07 21:34:45

I'll ask my friends about the prospectus's and will get back to you when I have my grubby mitts on them, is that ok? Then I can sort out posting or emailing them to you.

Taistar Sun 01-Jul-07 21:40:21

thanks Ranting its so hard when moving to an area and no idea where to start with nice places to live or good schools. Do you know what its like in Sandy or Arlesey?
Seems to me theres nothing in Arlesey and won't be much for kids to do at all when there are older in any of the areas

I have 2 dd, one is nearly 4 and the other nearly 3 so will be a while before they want the big bright city lights

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